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Ball Turner in HSM

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  • Ball Turner in HSM

    I just got the latest Home Shop Machinist magazine. It includes a very good article by Jan Michaels on making a boring head type ball turner.

    It is a complete, dedicated unit that incorporates a QC mount as well as the adjustable head so a boring head need not be sacrificed in the making. All in all a very nice concept and write up.

    Jan is known here as TGTools, and offers a selection of tools, kits and plans through Tall Grass Tools.
    Jim H.

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    Ball Turning

    Thanks, JC! I went through the 'goodies' on offer and noted the George Thomas lathe tool setting gauge.
    This led me to recall that George also published designs for a small boring head in Model Engineer then in Model Engineers Workshop Manual.
    Later, I recall, Jack Radford published his own version - but replaced the Morse Taper shank in the GHT for a spindle and called it a Ball Turning Device which is featured in HemingwayKits.
    Suffice to say that I made the boring head.

    So there we have it




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      Guy Lautard massaged the GHT boring head and offered drawings of it. I made one in the smaller size as I had a Benchmaster mill at the time and needed a small boring head.

      Jim H.


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        isn't that how it always works i am just about finished with my ball turner along these lines. it will be nice to see how close i came to a good product. or maybe it wont even be close and more scrap will have been made. now i don't even want to see. cancel my subscription before its too late. now dam-it now. whoever started this post thanks for nothing. i hope a mouse craps in your mouth while your sleeping.


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          I saw Jan's effort at Names this year. Made me subscribe to the magazine. I just bought the plan set as a way to say thanks. From what I can tell, he submits good content to the magazine from time to time.



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            Roy, good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor. What ever style you are making will work just fine.
            "Just build it and be done"