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  • Need Leather Machine Belting?

    I searched the web for several months trying to find a leather machine belt for my lathe. The ones that I found that would fit were VERY pricy. As a result, I ended buying a whole tanned cow hide and have cut what I need for my lathe.

    I now have the rest of the hide left and if anyone is in need for a leather drive belt, I will cut one to match your length and width. It will be just one piece of leather with no end attachment methods. I can send a copy of the suggest method South Bend recommends for the splicing of leather belts. I can get one or two belts that are 84" long so that should be able to fit most any lathe. The balance of he belts will have to be in the 64" to 72" lentgh. Since I had to buy the hide by the square foot, my charges for the belts will be the cost of the material plus shipping. The hide thickness ranges from about 0.110" to about 0.160". If anyone is intersted, send me a PM with the length and width of the belt you need.

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    You're supposed to cut them off the cow the right length with no splice, like onion rings.


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      Bill, sounds like you need a new search engine, I like Google.


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        My goodness man, move up into the nylon/polyurethane world.Only made about 70 of them today!
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          Originally posted by GKman
          You're supposed to cut them off the cow the right length with no splice, like onion rings.
          Now that's very funny, that is!!

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            Much, much better yet....toss out the cow and lace up a serpentine rubber belt. Beats the bovine version, big time.


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              I guess this isn't the best time to speak up but I can get them cut at the local saddle shop for $10. I have a spare hanging on the wall.
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