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motorized milling head raising gear

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  • motorized milling head raising gear

    I have a RF45 type mill (square column with dovetail) and I would like to put a head raising motor on it so I can bore holes under power, for a better finish.

    Most of the one I have seen with this feature have the motor built into the top of the column connected to the drive screw that does the raising. A less complex, read less likely to screw up something expensive method, would be to replace the crank handle with a sprocket and drive it with a small motor mounted on the back of the column.

    Now for the fun bit, how big a motor will I need??? I can turn the crank to raise the head fairly easily but I have no idea how much power it takes to lift the mill head.

    I was thinking about a sewing machine motor, they are about 1/20 HP variable speed and reversible which is necessary, with around a 4 to 1 reduction driving the raising gear through the sprockets.

    Do any of the greater brains here think that it would be powerful enough to do the job. Any better ideas. This is a budget job so expensive commercial ideas like buying the proper gear isn't going to fly, sorry.

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    This is what I use, don't know if it would work for you. It is just a vari speed 3/8 inch drill.

    Paul in NE Ohio


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      This topic was covered here:

      I posted a photo of my windshield wiper motor setup.