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  • The Humor in Ebay

    I got too much junk. I have the harley frame jig I built on sale there. I priced it at the price of steel, Instead of getting offers on the jig I get requests for drawings on "how to build thier own And "They don't want to buy them", they want me to give them.

    Who? what has become of ebay? My neighbor used to set the tattoo bus at the flea market and tattoo. I tried twice, the people there are looking for a bargain and dicker to the point of pissing me off, So I run them off with a ridiculous high price. I have answered about two hundred emails from the same kind of people on this item. Emails have asked if I include all the items in my shop for same price? etc.

    Also, still my search and try to sign onto ebay 2 and 3 times to get them, they have server or software problems.

    Years ago with my honesty, wit and common sense I sold 22k on ebay in 3 months, Not since have I had a lick like that. Common sense and honesty no longer has a place there.

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    The thumb-up-the-butt crowd is taking over the world. Occasionally the odd talking monkey will pull said opposable digit out to sniff it and fall out of the tree and thus join us knuckle draggers in reality (as we know it).

    Maybe I am just bitter.


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      I deal with people like that all the time,they are called brainless idiots,I once won a drill chuck on ebay,not because I was the highest bidder,but because I was the only one who read the whole auction and didn't e-mail and ask the guy what the shipping was,it was posted in the auction as being $5.00,the guy doing the selling rejected the top bid and sold it to me,he said I deserved it because I was the only one out of 60 people who either could or would read the whole description.
      As for idiots,Thrud is right,they are taking over the world
      I also had trouble logging into ebay today,twice I got bumped off the page I wanted and once the screen locked up and turned gray,whats up with that?
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        I think it's the new tracking software acting up.


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          "post from ebay site" I am quitting paypal.

          3rd attempt and final failure
          just_not_right (0 )(view author's auctions)
          08/25/03 2:26 PM

          I am so confused about Paypal and how they run their chargeback policy. I had a buyer recieve a $175 item and he immediately filed a complaint with paypal claiming no receipt. 10 days later paypal found in my favor with the tracking number that the item had been received.

          Then, the buyer contacted his credit card company and claimed that someone had stolen his card, paypal once again reversed the funds pending an investigation. Once again the funds were restored to my account.

          Now the buyer filed a complaint with his credit card company claiming item not as described, and I Lost. Nothing like paypal letting him continue to try and fraud me until he gets it right. You guys at paypal could of at least had the guy send my stuff back.

          It just makes no sense to me that Paypal won't stand up to the credit card company and show the pattern of fraud by a buyer... meanwhile I am out the funds and product and I guess that is the way it was meant to be.

          I just hope that others do understand that their is no seller protection and the fact is in their user agreement...

          "This Policy was last modified on April 24, 2003.

          The buyer just kept at it till he found something that worked. I would think paypal could protect the seller a little better by informing the credit card company of his 2 prior complaints and attempted chargebacks. This was flat out fraud! And paypal assisted.
          oh_yeah_sez_who (0 )(view author's auctions)
          08/25/03 2:46 PM (# 3 of 5)

          Paypal didn't do anything. Let me contact the credit card company, it was my money lost. But I can't even get a phone number of the guy who screwed me from paypal. (It is confidential information!) They did take the $10 chargeback fee seriously as that was removed from my account pretty quickly.

          I doubt paypal even had a chargeback for items not as described... I think the buyer reported a stolen credit card and paypal covered me under their seller protection, and then a month later wanted it back. Who knows I don't get any information from paypal, just the email that basically says " Your Fu##ed!!!"

          If you think paypal is a great service like I did, just wait your turn is coming.


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            Oh hell no!I never did like paypal and I still don't,in addition to their screwy billing hyginks their politics suck,they support gun control,abortion,gay and lesbian groups,in addition they are down on veterans,I am trying to find out who or what exactly Ebay sponsers BECAUSE THEY ARE NOW JOINED AT THE HIP,I hope its something I can tolerate if not we're quits(after I bitch moan and complain at them)
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Dave have the puke charged with fraud. If you mailed the item then contact the post office - they take this stuff seriously. You have proof he recieved it, take him to small claims court for the cost of the item and all legal fees.

              You have his address - surely you have some scooter friends that can do a collection run for beers...


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                Yeah, how from across country do you do that? it takes 50$ in most municipalities to take someone to small claims court, then your time. police tell me it is a civil dispute. A broken contract dispute. No federal laws are really broken. Mail fraud? them people dump our US mail at the land fill!

                I think sometimes my pink gorilla cousin, I should just ride around teaching people morals.
                Nahh.. too many people, too little time to worry about it.

                I will be selling for cash- postal money orders and checks *(wait on them to clear)


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                  Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending them, but maybe paypal doesn't really know for sure which end of the trasaction went sour. Paypal just happens to be the method that your buyer/steeler decided to take your money and run. I've had good luck with pay pal so far, but I still prefer to get payed by money order. With that said, have you dealt with the post office lately? I had to cancel a money order after a gentleman sent me his address with an incorrect zip code. God knows where the letter I sent went before it got to the seller. After waiting for over a month to receive a saw blade I purchased on E-bay and sent a money order for, I had to pay the PO for a search to see if the MO had been cashed, then when it hadn't I had to pay them to cancel it. The saw blade seller finally received the Money order the same day I paid to have it canceled, but he cashed it anyway, before the paper trail could get to the post office in TX. The moral of the story is my e-bay deal for a $13.00 blade cost me an extra $5.00 in fees, and about a month of time and three trips to the PO to handle it. I was amazed when the people at the PO couldn't punch in the numbers on my receipt and see if it had been cashed. The machine that prints their MO's is computerized, but the tracking method is not!

                  I was however dealing with an honest seller, and he was good enough to send the blade without having received the payment. He finally agreed that he screwed up and decided to wait for his payment and send me the blade because it was his fault.

                  Most people are honest, its just those few dishonest people that stick in your memory so well.



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                    Character flaw, dishonesty is. I know plenty of poor people who don't steal. Plenty of rich people I don't trust as far as I can see them. I walk them into my small (read that poor) house to make sure they don't walk off with something in thier pockets.

                    Ebay stopped researching home addresses unless you have a transaction with someone. How do you know you are not bidding against the seller with a anonomous name?
                    Bid shielding is what I saw once or twice before. Post a kids toy from the 60's and see the crazy people come out of the wood work. Must be a lot of money to be made.

                    I think ebay-paypal has gotten carefree of what goes on. I just tried to stop the ebay spam from coming into my email. I replied with the remove in the subject line, it won't accept it. In other words I can't quit thier spam. They don't answer thier email.


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                      That is the way I work with eBay - certified international funds fully insured by my bank. If it gets lost I get an instant refund. If I get hosed they reclaime the money fom the US money - I still get my goods or my money. It is difficult to screw a bank - they have their hooks in everything.

                      I have never accepted pay-pay and never would. I can wait for a certified bank draft of Postal money order just like the people I buy from do.

                      Come to think of it, the FBI handles inter-state fraud - contact them.

                      As for the email, just filter them out.


                      Maybe I should not be as hard on our Snail Service after all! They have electronic tracking of everything serial numbered - including insured parcels, USPS, Registered, and Special Delivery mail.

                      Then again, they frequently give the wrong postal codes to you when you move...

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