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Anyone setup to sharpen 1 7/16 taper shank drills?

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  • Anyone setup to sharpen 1 7/16 taper shank drills?

    The title says it all, anyone setup to sharpen 1 7/16 taper shank drills? I don't have the setup myself and my free hand skills are just so so.
    James Kilroy

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    You might not want to hear it, but learn to sharpen drill bits by hand yourself. It's much cheaper than sending them away or buying new ones. Especially large sizes like 1 7/16".

    With a drill sharpening guide, or even a set of calipers, you should be able to get the correct angle and get both sides sharpened the same. I won't go into detail on sharpening by hand, since there are many folks out here that can explain it better than I.



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      I could do it for ya.
      But you'd have to ship it to Texas.
      That might not be worth it.


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        And I might add .Its easer to sharpen a big drill by hand because you can see what you are doing. Learn on large drills and the small ones are easy.
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          James, see here; it could help you .

          It requires some practice, dexterity and a dressed wheel of the correct type.
          Have a good study of a new drill and it will be apparent what is required. Fairly complex but then again standing upright is until it is mastered. Then it 'just happens' .
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