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Cross Slide Lock for Grizzly G4003G

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  • Cross Slide Lock for Grizzly G4003G

    I have had my Grizzly G4003G for almost a year and like it very much. One of the problems I have had along with a few other members is the lack of a cross slide lock. Because the DRO is mounted on the tail stock side there is no way to get to the gibs to lock the slide. After a number of attempts I came up with this solution. I uses the 2 shcs that hold the upper portion of the saddle to the lower section. It is a simple block of 6061 drilled & counter bored for longer shcs and 2 threaded holes with brass heads to hold the slide in place. I used 3/8 16 threaded rod and put felt on the end of the brass. I used 2 but 1 would probably work. I often wear a belt & suspenders (braces for those of you across the pond). On the first job I had to cut some 1.625 crs down to .25 leaving a small shaft sticking out of the large dia. The cut was .015 deep and the lock held the DRO to .00000 to .00002
    Hope this helps someone here as I have gotten so much help from others.
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    That looks like an easy solution. If I'm not mistaken it covers the oilers for that side of the carriage, though, no? I have the little brother of that lathe and at least on mine it would be a small effort to relocate the oiler and drill through. I'll have to take a look tomorrow when it's warmer in the shop


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      Does not cover the oilers, they are on the tail stock side.


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        Excellent - mine has two there but it looks like they can be worked into the design. Thanks for the nice idea!


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          How timely, I was wondering how to do this on mine because I have the DRO on the tailstock side, thanks for the great idea, I'm building one this weekend.