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  • Battery Chargers & Sulphation

    We're looking at buying one of these:

    for use in Zodiac FRB's. Does anyone have experience with this sort of charger, and in particular the claims that it can desulphate a battery?


    All of the gear, no idea...

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    There's lots of very good info on battery charging and related subjects at

    You might have to dig around for the info you need, but it's very authoritative.



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      I may have this wrong because memory gets fuzzy with time. The charge/discharge cycle for a lead/acid battery involves the lead peroxide plate converting to lead sulphate during discharge and back to peroxide during charge. So of course it desuphates a battery! The hooker is that lead sulphate has rather poorer adhesion properties to the lead support grid than lead peroxide. this means that sulphate SLOWLY falls away from the grid to the bottom of the cell. this is aggravated by vibration There are cavities in the bottom of the cell to hold this lost suphate, but when some piles up to touch the plates in a cell, it shorts out the cell and goodby battery. There is no way ANY charger can do anything to the sulphate that falls off the plate grids. duffy
      Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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        Duffy is correct..... sulphate is normal in discharge.

        But, some , when the battery is left to sit discharged, can become "unavailable" through re-crystallization etc, although it hasn't fallen off yet.

        A sustained equalization charge, or a constant-current charger works as well as anything else to recover such a battery. Most of the clever pulse chargers work either no better, or a lot worse.

        Keep eye on ball.
        Hashim Khan