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boring sunday afternoon, its snowing here

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  • boring sunday afternoon, its snowing here

    so the other day, my oldest child (45 or so) told me that i had never MADE anything for her. humm, after all these years i would have thought. . . . i have made so many things for Christmas gifts for my kids, and just for the hell of it gifts for them, but she has been the farthest away. . . always at least 1000 miles from me, but nar the less, she is my first. . . so i said to myself, "self, make her something that will last forever, no matter how dumb it may be, at least i have made her something unique"

    these things are fun to make, time consuming but fun. plunge threading with my little 12" craftsman went great. i know i made the thread od a tad short of what it should be for the copper nut i used but i knew it would fit easier that way. . . . the shaft is stainless with a bit of scotch brite wheel done to it, the nut is from a copper tube fitting. i have a handful of them so why not ? hope the image works. thats a .22 hollow point for size comparison.

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    Looks good. I made one of those for a "Coffee table" conversation piece.


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      Priceless! And dumb it ain't, way to go Dad.

      Although I'm dumbfounded, how the heck did you get a nut on an unthreaded shaft?

      Cheers, Bob


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        Nice work David.
        I've made a few of those as gifts and coffee table conversation pieces myself.
        I use a left hand thread to hold the two pieces together, flip the thread tool upside down and thread it in reverse to keep from unscrewing the two halves while the threading is going on.
        Makes it tougher for the smart alecks in the crowd to finger out how to get the nut off! Seems they never consider a left handed thread.
        NRA Life Member


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          Here's a smart aleck remark, I was asking David how it was done, his post.
          But thanks anyway for the solution.


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            actually i drilled and tapped the two halves 10-24, then loctited a sawed off allen head capscrew. it would take a bunch of heat to get it to come apart, but the l-h threaded joint would be a real neat idea too. . .

            thanks for the good comments. . .