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OSHA violations.

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  • OSHA violations.

    It is just to hard to manufacture in this country anymore.
    You know, as hard as it is to make a living, keep the business open, keep the people employed and just pay the bills in these days. OSHA walks in the door! and of course they were called by a disgruntled employee we had to release for coming to work intoxicated everyday and posing a problem to himself and others.
    osha sited us for violations on our milling machines. horizontal machines in specific.
    they require that a lockout tagout be implemented when changing the tooling. this would require locking out the main disconnect of power to the machine.
    they require guards be inplace to prevent the operator from coming near the rotating cutters.
    they require other options to apply tapping fluid instead of the operator using a squirt bottle next to the rotating tap.
    they fail to relize that it is in our best opinion to not have anyone hurt because of the cost outright to the company.
    they require us to pay $4700 by May 7th.
    they require us to pay for the ANSI documentation to educate us on the rules they use..
    Government entities enforce the rules but you must buy the rules to know them?

    My opinion of this socialistic government is - they just want us to disappear. rather than work with us to avoid problems they just want us to pay up and fix it or go to jail for negligence.

    I can't wait until retirement!

    by the way these are large 6", 8" horizontal mills we're using. with approx 72" quill travel.
    I'd like to see that design of a guard?
    also they noted that "the operator uses paper to feel for close dimension" this puts him in harms way....

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    It's an overzealous nanny-state government office doing it's best to protect the citizens. OSHA doesn't have to make a profit, pay employees, or bother with insurance, rent, or any other type of overhead. And neither do their congressional masters.

    In short, they mean well but haven't a clue.


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      I don't know how any shop can do work and follow OSHA rules. How about blocking all entry to the shop and forcing everyone to enter the office and if OSHA or the insurance inspectors come around just shut the shop down untill they leave.
      It's only ink and paper


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        I wonder how many jobs go overseas because of this intrusion. We'd have lost WWI and WWII if these rules were in place then.


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          So the inspector wouldn't work with you guys on that stuff? Some of there wishes are ridiculous IMO....they make it so you can't work.
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            You might want to check with a lawyer that has dealt with them.
            It's only ink and paper


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              Interesting ...

              Actually there is something called the Federal Registry for all..Federal LAWS Regulations statues etc ...and they are required by law that they be posted / published there . If it is not posted ....How can it be enforceable ?

              Get a good lawyer and tell them where to put it .
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                OSHA and their ilk are nothing short of parasites, sucking the life out of this nation.


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                  I wonder how many jobs go overseas because of this intrusion. We'd have lost WWI and WWII if these rules were in place then.
                  All the manufacturing jobs people complain we send overseas.

                  I was going to start another company, just doing custom plasma cutting. I'm having serious reservations now.

                  When are people going to realize the government is not your friend.


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                    Well, in some cases the government IS your friend. Government is a neccessary evil and OSHA is also neccessary.

                    That being said, I feel sorry for you! That is complete crap. I'm all about being safe but there is a difference between being safe and being anal retentive. Those kind of stuck-up pricks should have to try making a living doing an honest day's work and then see how they feel about all the regulations they try to impose. Good luck getting it sorted out.


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                      CNC Mill door interlocks are
                      THE WORST !!!!!
                      How are you supposed to see an edge finder thru dinged-up and scarred plexiglass windows?
                      Stupid idea.
                      I disable my door interlocks right away.


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                        Get a lawyer, most of that is covered under managerial education and educational guarding. That is how our old shop worked it out but we had to work it out with them.

                        The key is that you must have a little class for each and every operator and they must sign off that they were in the class for the full time.

                        Outside of that, I hear your pain. Had an incident in another state with the old company that happened when an operator, who was told, then wrote up and then given paid time off for polishing a part while wearing a glove and ignoring the rules. Well, he kept doing this, the glove got caught, he got hurt and sued the place. Last I heard they were still fighting it all.

                        Good luck
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                          Something doesn't sound right there.

                          I've escorted OSHA inspectors around shops I've worked in and they've never objected to normal setup operations like edge finding and oiling up a tap.

                          It's been my experience that when an inspector starts busting stones (like the list in the OP) it's because there are a lot of other problems. A clean, organized, reasonably safe shop doesn't typically get nailed for silly stuff like that.

                          My experience anyway.


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                            You need less than 7 employees
                            I just need one more tool,just one!


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                              Originally posted by wierdscience
                              You need less than 7 employees
                              That would fix it.