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  • Autocollimator's

    Are they difficult to use? How much can they be purchased for used? Is it easy to lap in a granite plate if you have an autocollimator? When do you need one if you are rebuilding a machine tool?

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    Yes, sorta, just the autocollimator alone won't do you any good. You'll need a target mirror and probably a prism. Both these made for the application. Not too expensive for a long tube Hilger&Watts. But thats the problem, they're rather big and you have to have a big surface plate or a solid table in line with what you're trying to check.Never done it, but I would imagine lapping a granite plate would be a major PITA.
    No , not at all. A couple of good Starrett Master level/s #199, and a selection of indicators, test bars , a copy of Connelly's"Machine Tool Rebuilding, will get you on your way.If your rebuilding a 30 ft Gray planer, a autocollimator will be handy