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Thrust Bearings fitting

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  • Thrust Bearings fitting

    Hi All,
    Just looking for some info on the correct fitting of thrust bearings in that in some drwaings of cross slide conversion to thrust bearings a normal bearing is used I assume to keep alignment of the shaft especially if needle thrust bearings are used. So are normall bearings needed if the ball type thrust bearings are used instead of needle type.

    I have tools I don't know how to use!!

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    Depends on the thrust vector the bearing is designed for.
    See illustrations available on most bearing manufacturers tech lit sites.

    A 45* angular contact ball bearing handles thrust in one direction, as well as radial loads. A pair is required to handle thrust in all directions.

    A 15* angular contact ball bearing handles more radial than thrust.

    Deep groove radial bearings may handle enough thrust in some conditions.

    Hth Ag