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Teflon coating quality

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  • Teflon coating quality

    I took my lpg injectors apart the other day ..

    look at the pics ...
    1. do you think the so-called teflon should have this much wear after 14,000.

    what should it look like ?

    my mind says it shouldnt have a crinkle paint look you see, on some of them in the pics ...some are smooth ...some of them are totally crinkle ..some all crinkle

    they are about 15mm long

    all the best.markj
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    One of the places that I used to work had a bunch of teflon coated parts and I would see the same kind of thing. As I understand it, they spray the coating on the parts and then cure it in an oven. The 'orange-peel' effect is the result of not enough time and or tempperature in the curing process.

    The coating probabaly not too thick and it looks like it is worn through on the one end of some of them. Not what I would expect after that short a distance, either. I'd have to guess that with LP being very dry, that might be adding to the effect.



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      We do a Teflon based coating over here, and if you don't let it dry/cure long enough before cooking, you get that orange peel/bubbling. The stuff also comes off pretty easy when it looks like that.