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  • Tapped Out or We Have Nuts

    Well some of you may remember the Sheldon Saga... bid on one and get two... I sold one. One had a buggered up tailstock which I knew. But the guy that bought the other one was new and I did not want to sell a lathe that needed that kind of repair. So I gave him the one with good ram. And cause I knew I could make one. So I started looking for a hunk of cast iron to make a round 1/2 x 8tpi acme nut. Well being frugal I happened to keep odd bits of junk... one of which was a leaky water pump that had some untapped mounting lugs on it. So off to the bandsaw to cut it up. I turned it on a arbor to true up the OD and bored the ID. Next I needed a left hand 1/2x8tpi acme tap. While grinding the cutter I also made a #8 ID acme threading tool. I took a hunk of drill rod single pointed center set up and turned the ID down and then the shank. Set up the ole Atlas for 8tpi and set to cutting the tap. After that I moved over to the mill and set up the index and tailstock to cut the flutes. Which caused me to really think as I did not want to cut the relief of the wrong side. I used a 5/16 ball nosed EM as that was what I had on hand... 1/4" would of been better. After that I changed to a four flute EM and relieved the lands leaving about a 1/16th or so. next I pop on he four jaw chuck and squared the shank. Then I heat treated it and honed the cutting edge till sharp. I did not make a two stage tap per say so I took The nut blank and chuck it up and did a few passes to the #8 ID tool I made then ran the tap thru. The thing cut well and fit the Sheldon screw like a glove. I then press the nut into the ram and cross drilled and pinned it in place... and ran the tap back thru it again just for good measure. Reassembled the tailstock and it's back in service.


    Parts and pieces

    If you look above the ram you'll see what was left of the ram screw.



    Just thought I'd share... Thanks
    Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.

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    Very nice work there! I have had a 10" Sheldon for years. I really like mine.


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      You are truely a noble person; giving the good one away.

      I hope you had much pleasure making the replacement. Sit back and admire your work - well for a minute or two anyway.
      Paul A.
      SE Texas

      Make it fit.
      You can't win and there IS a penalty for trying!