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    this is a great read on how not to do your suspension for lifted/off road trucks etc. There is a lot of adult language used..but great pics...i didnt get all the way through it..there are quite a few pages..this is the first page to start it off. My favorite is the light truss truck and shocks on second page
    "Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment" R.M.Brown

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    Appears to be a 1/2 wit commenting on the 1/4 wits.


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      Sure would help if the link worked. All I get is "waiting for....."
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        Takes a while to load, but it will. Must be on a slow server.

        Being an avid offroader, I've seen a few of those examples on trucks wheeled around here.
        Some do get pretty scary.

        I've never been into high trucks, I prefer the truck lower with decent sized tires. 33's are about the biggest I've run.
        I feel bigger tires just get you stuck better.



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          Well, now I feel a little better after seeing some of those (ahem) photos.

          I thought for a while, could it be just me?

          My little Dodge sports a 14" frame and body lift over a set of 39.5" Irok's. Unlike their 5 ladder step to pan, mine is only 4.
          Still fun. Funny, you pull to a light with a car full of honies in the next lane and they pull their skirts up, by the next light and a car full of mommies and they pull their skirts down. Go figure.

          Funniest is when your trippen at about 75mph and pull neck and neck to a semi driver. You're sitting higher than he is as he has this strange look. You wave bye-bye to him by wiggling all your fingers instead of a wave.


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            I sorta liked the comments!
            14" of, 6 here is fine with me. It sits up nice and still am comfortable with the original steering. What are you using for steering on that 14" lift?
            "Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment" R.M.Brown

            My shop tour


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              What a riot! I've seen all of that and then some.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                A few years back, my wife and I parked at a mall in San Jose, CA, to go shopping.
                Up next to us pulls a Dodge Pickup with a two foot lift.
                Kid hops out and walks away as I get out of the car and notice that he has lifted it by putting 2x4's nailed together to make a 4x4 between the axle pad and the bottom of the leaf spring assembly.
                They were Redwood 2x4's, the nails holding them together were rusty, the 2x4s were weathered, they had obviously been in there for some time. The ends were splintering.

                When we came out of the mall, here's the kid talking 90 MPH to a buddy of mine, a CHP officer who had been cruising the mall lot looking for stolen cars and spotted the lift kit.

                Buddy said later the kid got overly excited when told he couldn't drive it like that, that it was unsafe. Went to jail and the truck was towed.
                Wish I had gotten pictures of it.
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