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New/ Old South Bend- Proud new dad!

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  • New/ Old South Bend- Proud new dad!

    OK folks. Stage one is completed. I shall bother you no more about finding a machine. I appreciate all the help and advice you have given to this point. Now the party begins!

    This is before cleaning:

    And this is after two days of crud cutting:

    I do have the gear cover, but the hinge is worn of several things to fix. It needs a cross feed screw/ nut and compound feed screw/ nut. Lead screw is good. I could also use a couple new gears. While none are broken, a couple are worn somewhat. This machine is pretty worn, but the price was right enough to fix it up. From my searching around, I am confident that parts are readily available. What I will be needing now is sources for these parts other than ebay. I believe there is also a Yahoo group for SB's. Anyway. I'm a proud new father.

    More ??? to follow on how to get this thing up to snuff (or at least to my abilities).

    By the way- serial # is: 46257NAR10

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    nice find, you might want to take the apron off and clean out the sump, they go for years on end and collect surprising amounts of debris in there.


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      First on the list, once I find a book or manual on how to dissasemble the thing. I have a link for a South Bend sight. Time to see what they have.


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        good restoration thread

        the moderator of the SB group on PM, Paula, rebuilt a 9A to near flawless condition. No major repairs, but did break down the apron and such to clean it all out. Very thorough, well written thread.


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          My first cleanup job would be the spindle. It can be removed in 20 seconds and the head stock is held on with two bolts, making it very easy to flush out, and replace or clean the felts.


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            Why is it my machines always look like the before pictures?

            Good luck with the new (to you) lathe.


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              Originally posted by quadrod
              nice find, you might want to take the apron off and clean out the sump, they go for years on end and collect surprising amounts of debris in there.
              Good advice. I took the apron of my 9" SB apart a couple of weeks ago and was amazed at the amount of solidified crud in there.


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                Thanks to you all. The apron will come apart this weekend for a crud/ gear condition check. The spindle will be next. I have noticed that most of the felts are in sad shape. What is a source for felts and wicks?

                I also need the crossfeed screw and nut, and a compound screw and nut. I have researched everywhere and have found all the parts, but NOS stuff is outrageously expensive. There is surly a shop made source for these parts, but I am still looking. Hell, I could make em myself if the lathe was running

                I'm wading through the information on PM site. I may find everything I need there, but if you all have sources or info, all the better.



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                  Miller Machine manufactures feedscrews & nuts for Southbend and other lathes. While they are not what you might consider cheap, they are reasonably priced considering the work involved and rather limited market.

                  Jim H.


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                    Thanks Jim. Got them bookmarked for future use. They look like a good source.