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What do these punches & dies fit?

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  • What do these punches & dies fit?

    I just picked up about 22 pairs/sets of these punches and dies, for basically less than scrap value. Sizes range roughly from 1/4" up to 1-1/4" or so.

    They're not all matched (meaning I have several sizes of punch with no corresponding die, and vice-versa) and a couple are pretty badly beat (obviously at least partly misaligned when punching.) But nearly a third were new, with a factory wax coating.

    There are no names stamped on any of them, except "CPS".

    Anyone know who made 'em, and what style or brand of punch or press they fit?

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)

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    Look to be Q/C types used on an Ironworker.

    Regards Ian.
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      Ah, I hadn't considered that possibility. I was thinking they fit a manual DiAcro style punch (or press.) Iiiiinteresting....

      Well, I hoped I could use 'em, but buying a $300 or $400 punch body is one thing, a full ironworker is another. I suppose I might be better off just tossing 'em on eBay, then...


      Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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        The style is the same as those that fit Roper-Whitney manual screw punch heads. Also, the portable hydraulic R-W punches.

        I don't believe R-W have any that go up to 1-1/4" in this style though. So, they're obviously for some brand of iron worker.

        That's not to say they can't be used in other type punching machines with shop built punch and die adaptors. I even have a factory made adaptor for that style punch allowing it to be used in a conventional punch press that normally uses straight shank punches.

        These type punches/dies usually have much greater clearance than the equivalents designed for sheet metal since ironworkers usually are doing heavy plate.

        Measure the die OD, is it metric? A good many ironworkers are foreign made using metric sized tooling.


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          The CPS probably means they came from Cleveland Punch.

          The "F20" is a standard size- usually called a figure 20.
          A Figure 20 is 1 3/8" dia at the top, and 2 3/8" long.

          It fits a wide range of ironworkers-
          For instance, a Buffalo 2 1/2
          a Fabricator 100 ton
          a Ficep Super 14 or Super 16
          a Hill Acme number 4 or 5 or 6
          Several Peddinghaus models
          an Ironcrafter up to 95 ton
          Several Geka's (unfortunately, not mine)
          and most Scotchmans, among others.

          It is usually, but not always, matched with a Figure 59 bottom die.
          Your Figure 60 is very slightly taller, but the same OD, so it should work in most ironworkers that take a 59.

          New, these are usually around $25 to $50 a set, depending on size. This is for rounds. Squares, hexes, and ovals are all more.

          You should be able to sell these to somebody with an ironworker- this size is one of the most common, and fits a good 20% of all the ironworkers out there.

          As far as I know, no Roper Whitney punches used a Figure 20, but there have been so many over the years, I could be wrong.


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            Thanks guys.

            The dies are 2" (well, the one I checked mic'd at 1.998".)

            The punches are 1.217" on the body, 1.375" at the head/rim. That tracks your "Figure 20" spec, Ries.

            Much as I'd love to buy an ironworker that takes them, they're rare and expensive up here, and shipping one up from the states isn't cheap either. Sounds like my best bet would be to eBay 'em. Considering what I gave for them, I could easily make somebody a deal on 'em and still make a few bucks.

            I was considering making a homebrew single-stage punch to take these (I have a decent ram and can cobble a powerpack) but that's a major project for minimal gain.

            Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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              yes that is what they are for an iron worker.
              i used many of them in a big old german gear driven iron worker. punch a 1" hole through a 1" pice of coreten sounds like a shot going off.


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                Anybody want 'em? I'd love to have a punch that could take 'em, but I have neither the funds to buy one or the time to build one, nor the need to spend either one.

                Yeah, it'd be handy, but I already have a to-do list about three times longer than I can be expected to live.

                I have 22 of each, some brand new, some dinged up, one punch broken, some mismatched sizes. If anyone's interested, PM me an offer. Maybe a trade?

                Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)