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  • spray for electronics?

    posted this in the cnc section but, dont think any one looks there........

    Had a bit of a flood, and the PC for my cnc lathe got wet, Idried it out, and it appears to run fine, but i wonder if there is something worth spraying on the contacts and boards to prevent corrosion and degradation.


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    Wash with deionized or distilled water and air dry.
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      this stuff is good

      all the best.markj


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        I use Caig deOxit on all my contacts and switches. Good stuff...


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          Check out this Stabilant stuff. Milacron swears by it:



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            Been using Corrosion X for years in marine electronics.


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              You don't want to be spraying any of the recommended agents on the boards except for pure water. Industry uses pure d-limonene as a flux remover and cleaner but that isn't available to the general public as far as I know. For washing contaminants from circuit boards either pure water or pure water with a small amount of ethyl alcohol will do the job without damaging components or leaving undesirable residues. It must be ethanol and not other forms of alcohol. Watered down good quality vodka will work well.

              As for the contacts the best bet is to rinse them in pure water and blow them off with clean, oil free air. Never clean contacts with any sort of abrasive material such as a pencil eraser or emery paper. It leaves behind particles that will cause serious problems. For circuitry that operates at frequencies less than a few hundred mhz and at low voltages the Stabillant 22-A is unbeatable as a contact enhancer. It isn't a cleaner and isn't used that way. It is not suitable for use on high frequency contacts such as cpu sockets or associated components as it increases interelectrode capacitance.

              If contacts are visibly contaminated and washing doesn't remove that contamination then they should be wiped using straight ethanol and a lint free cotton cloth that has been well washed previously. Again, industry has special wipes for this purpose that don't contain any soluble chemicals that would leave behind undesirable residues or films. Also again, never use isopropanol or methanol for this purpose. Methanol is corrosive to steel and most component leads are made from steel with a tin coating. Isopropanol will attack many plastics and cause insulation to deteriorate. Only water and/or ethanol is approved for cleaning the wide range of materials found on an electronic subassembly.
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                thanks for the suggestions


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                  I agree with Evan that the listed stuff shouldn't be used on the boards, but again stress that DeOxit is the best stuff I have found for contacts, switches & potentiometers. I used to work as a engineer in a PCB design and fab facility & we used to clean boards in large commercial dishwashing machines with a DI water/ ethanol mixture. I've been refurbishing electronic test equipment for many years and have tried all sorts of solutions that have been ascribed magical qualities for contacts, switches & pots, but have not found anything yet better than DeOxit.