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    did you ever catch someone ''[informing/instructing someone'',and they ''know what they are talking about!!!! I watched A guy sell a young man a compound bow,good price, fair deal,but!!! he's telling the guy the sighting pins are for screwing into the front of the arrows!!!!!!!!! I thought about saying something but the guy is whife's distant relation [ !!!! walked away but could have cried]!!!!

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    If I knew the salesman I would pull him aside and inform him of the mistake he made in a kind way.
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      Much the the chagrin of my wife
      I do interject myself into others conversations
      and as far as I can tell the results are more positive than negative.

      Usually (I know from experience) you can't just start out with
      "that is stupid" even if that is what it is.
      Sometimes you can put yourself in a position of authority
      and just straighten things out and everybody is happy.

      But a more side long approach of showing interest asking a few
      questions and then getting around to
      ... I heard that ... or ... someone told me ...
      will give the person feeding the misinformation room to maneuver
      out of the way. Most of the time as long as you are not being an ass or making them look like an ass (directly) it goes pretty well.
      Tom C
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        The older you get the easier it is to "walk away" from it.
        It's just like reading a series of posts here on an electrical subject
        loaded with mis-leading or false info and as an electrical engineer
        ignoring it. I quit even reading such a few years ago. If a peson
        "hasen't a clue" about some subject he also hasen't any idea who
        to believe so it dosen't pay to spend the time trying to "educate"
        him with all the BS supplied by the "blithering idiots" that think they
        are "Gods gift to the internet".
        {edit} Astronowanabe I don't suffer fools or asses, period.
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          Astro, You're not alone, much to the chagrin of my family as well although they now know how to disappear quickly

          My favorite is listening to a computer sales pitch at a Best Buy, Circuit City (now gone), Staples, etc. I have gently approached a number of such customers as they finished (without purchase), asked them what they wanted to do with the machine, and then described what sort of machine would work well for them, at generally about half the price. Running into some of them months later, they were delighted with what they bought. Likewise (and even worse info being given) for software. I have interrupted salesmen when what they were saying to the customer was utter nonsense.

          Lew, I know where you're coming from. We have one somewhat older (ex-military) entry level engineering tech. Great guy but the first time he touches something with a meter or scope, he becomes emboldened to explain the circuit theory to others, even suggesting changes to "improve" operation ... all the while being clueless about the basic principles that made it work in the first place.



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            You haven't lived until you see your own well-intentioned employees give out ridiculous answers to technical questions an hour after you lecture them on the importance of handing off to more knowledgeable sales staff.

            Some sales people are insecure enough they feel the need to prove themselves, and get into trouble trying to swim in the deep water.

            Some simply don't know what they don't know, and of course some are as incurious as certain infamous politicians so they just repeat their mistakes without learning anything.

            Some hate their jobs and are on autopilot.

            Frank Ford


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              If they knew what they were talking about, they wouldn't be behind the counter.


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                this happened to be a garage sale,his [territory] across the street from his house,and ?, maybe his property,?? or his family's!!


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                  This has cost me my job a few times, but hey... it takes 30 seconds to look something up and learn something new. But noooooo! Better to hide behind 40 years of ignorance and seniority than to learn something new.

                  Ah well. The fellow who knows everything has nothing to learn, and I pity him.
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                    After a year and a half on the street, I still get calls from former customers to tell me that they wished I was back at my former employer...and to ask me things that my former co-workers should know but don't! Makes me feel good but doesn't put beans rice & tortillas on the table.

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                      Most people have a pretty good BS detector even if they have no knowledge of the subject. When someone who is supposedly explaining how something works or why it is better blah blah and they have no actual knowledge most people can tell that what they are hearing is suspect, at the least.

                      This especially applies to women when buying computers. Women tend to be the decision makers and the negotiators when buying a computer and they are usually better at detecting BS than men. Women aren't afraid of admitting they don't know something and will ask for an explanation. The sale person had better have their facts straight at that point. A man will often just stand there and nod knowingly even if he doesn't have a clue while a women will immediately switch into "we will think about it" mode if she detects the smallest whiff of bafflegab from the sales rep.

                      I will still step in if I hear a sales rep dispensing total nonsense especially if that nonsense will have a negative impact on the customer and their buying decision.

                      One small bit of advice for Liger and others, when you are taking command of a conversation speak slowly and take your breaths at the end of articles, adjectives and adverbs instead of at the end of verbs or nouns. People won't interrupt if you take a breath pause after the word "the" for instance.

                      example: "So, he opened the <breath> door and saw the enormous <breath> ...". This won't be interrupted.

                      If you speak it this way: "So he opened the door <breath>" INTERRUPT

                      Speaking slowly makes people listen to what you are saying and makes you sound more authoritative, knowledgeable and sure of yourself. They will be less likely to dispute or question what you say.
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                        On the flip side, there is a great old book named "Lifemanship" (IIRC) by Stephen Potter, which is full of ways to sound authoritative on subjects you know nothing about. My favorite is that anytime you hear someone going on about foreign affairs, you can always interject, "Yes, but not in the south," and throw them right off their horse.


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                          My dad and I were following a car going down the street sideways a long time ago. There was a big price sticker on the passenger side of the windshield. My dad pulled up next to the guy at a red light and asked him if he knew he was going down the road sideways. The guy thanked my dad and then looked at the guy sitting next to him, presumably the salesman!
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                            One big clue CAN be the complexity of the explanation. Folks who KNOW usually can make it reasonably simple instantly. Folks who do NOT know , or are not secure in their knowledge, will usually give complex explanations.

                            This is not a 100% guide...... but is a useful input.

                            I stay out of it, unless there is dangerous misinformation, or a chance for someone actually getting cheated severely. Like the guy who was selling a "variac" at a flea market, and was pitching it to someone to run model trains with......... off 120V. A bad idea 2 ways, and no, it was NOT the isolated type, which DO exist , but are rare.

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                              Originally posted by J Tiers
                              One big clue CAN be the complexity of the explanation. Folks who KNOW usually can make it reasonably simple instantly. Folks who do NOT know , or are not secure in their knowledge, will usually give complex explanations.
                              That's a great litmus test Jerry, and applies well to Internet Forums too
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