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    Hi All,

    Well I got my new to me South Bend 13" X 30' w/under drive yesterday. My friends showed up right on time and we had it unloaded lickety split. The rust isn't as bad as I first thought. Someone had smeared it with oil before it went outside and most of it is wiping off with just a little help. The question is when I took the headstock spindle and cone pulleys out to check the bushings for wear and the spindle for wear and rust, there was a small felt like strip on both the left bushing set (gear end of spindle) and the right bushing set (chuck end of spindle). It looked like there were groves or channels for two of these wipers on each set, in the back and in the front. Should there be two or should the one just be placed on the back side?

    Thanks for any help, comments or whatever, Jay
    "Just build it and be done"

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    should be one felt on each bearing, there should be a cutout on each bearing expander for the felt to fit into. cutout has a V shape to it to help hold the felt.