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Farm tool Custom-hoe-grabber made in HSM

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  • rockrat
    You said hoe grabber and I had to click and see. I guess the southern hoe is different than the northern whoe.

    Ok, sorry, just couldn't resist. Your sketch looks like a winner. I once carried a 22 revolver with birdshot while cutting my uncles field in sourthern ohio. Copperheads everywhere. Couldnt swing a dead cat around there without hitting one.

    But the 22 would keep you from catching them alive. How about a net?


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  • Dawai
    started a topic Farm tool Custom-hoe-grabber made in HSM

    Farm tool Custom-hoe-grabber made in HSM

    Rendering done by crayola?? ok.. ideas on paper..

    I needed something to grab the last snake that was running at me without killing him, pick up soda cans off the riding mower, chop weeds, hoe with the tines and be different.

    This is a general idea, anyone want to help me make it a reality with a better drawing?

    (my grampa Cofer, was a coal miner, ran off to the merchant marines to save England, retired from them, retired from Combustion Engineering, Was a note on the lockers warning of "goathead's stomping grounds" his noggin was as tough as a billy goat and he head butted our nubian goat and made it cry.. ) Hoe nickname.. goathead.
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