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Farm tool Custom-hoe-grabber made in HSM

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  • Farm tool Custom-hoe-grabber made in HSM

    Rendering done by crayola?? ok.. ideas on paper..

    I needed something to grab the last snake that was running at me without killing him, pick up soda cans off the riding mower, chop weeds, hoe with the tines and be different.

    This is a general idea, anyone want to help me make it a reality with a better drawing?

    (my grampa Cofer, was a coal miner, ran off to the merchant marines to save England, retired from them, retired from Combustion Engineering, Was a note on the lockers warning of "goathead's stomping grounds" his noggin was as tough as a billy goat and he head butted our nubian goat and made it cry.. ) Hoe nickname.. goathead.
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    You said hoe grabber and I had to click and see. I guess the southern hoe is different than the northern whoe.

    Ok, sorry, just couldn't resist. Your sketch looks like a winner. I once carried a 22 revolver with birdshot while cutting my uncles field in sourthern ohio. Copperheads everywhere. Couldnt swing a dead cat around there without hitting one.

    But the 22 would keep you from catching them alive. How about a net?

    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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      Probably be making this out of stainless.

      I got a piece of bar stock and some 1/8" plate. Not sure how to do the grabber linkage. I dislike the idea of a actuator rod running up the handle, want a flex handle like wood or fiberglass?? s0??

      I used to have a HOOK on a piece of conduit I used when I figured out I was slower than a snake bite. (almost got bit)

      Grampa always had a hoe walking with it when he got old and going to the garden. It looked like the hoe part without the grabber. No clue where it got off to. A good walking stick on uneven ground when you can't feel your legs.
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        ...I needed something to grab the last snake that was running at me without killing him, pick up soda cans off the riding mower, chop weeds, hoe with the tines and be different...
        Typical "Snake Catcher" on the market...

's something to start with and modify...

        Corona Clipper Extendable Handle Hoe


        Strong, lightweight steel handle adjusts from 18" to 32" for extra reach. Head is fully heat-treated for enhanced durability.
        Black carbon dioxide coating resists chips and rust. Comfortable, soft textured grip with rugged high impact thermoplastic ferrule.
        Convenient hanging ring for easy storage.


        • Overall length 68.5" and overall weight is 4 lbs. End of handle has a 6" rubber grip Loop hoe blade
        • is 4" wide. Three prong cultivator depth is 3.5".
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          YES, that on the lawnmower would serve the litter pickup.. but.. something to hoe-till and pick up in one carried all the time tool?? IE: walking stick, hoe-tine tiller-and grab tool..

          I think this might be a good thing for some of the hungry HSM'ers to build.. lots of old retired farts like me who can't bend over well, can't walk very well at times. I bet it'd bring $50 on the market as a multi-purpose tool.. that is till the chinese started making $9 copies.. We bought a hoe at "freds" discount store for $4.. handle looks like it will make it less than a year. I use the old hoe I bought in the 80s and the grey faded cracked hickory handle..
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            David,what about a length of thin wall tubing to telescope over the outside of the handle with an over-center affair to latch the thumb in place?Kinda like those self-wringing commercial floor mops.
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              David-- the only concern I have is that the "snake holding mechanism" won't really do the job. It would appear to create a sort of angular gap in which the snake is "clamped". They are slippery critters and when it slides toward the wider part of the clamp "mouth", the grip gets looser and it's on its way....madder than before you grabbed it

              Most of the snake "grabbers" I have seen on tv were a pole with what ammounted to a noose at the end. Because that creates a round opening that can be closed essentially down to "0" opening, there should be no getting away if you get a snake just behind the head.

              Just be careful during the "product development" stage so you live long enough to perfect it. This is one of those products where the epiphany about how you should have made it could come with a high price

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              Paul Carpenter
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                Conduit catch pole I used to use, it had a hook on it, and a 3/16ths aircraft cable loop with a cut off mop handle on it. It also worked for vicious dogs, thou cut the blood each time I caught one.
                Other method of calming down a dog is the 357. It makes them really easy to handle, but the owners get distressed then. I've shot more than two dozen since moving here.

                Another "two" loose dogs going down the street yesterday, I hollered at the second pair, they were oblivious to what their dog was doing. And didn't care even when I hollered. A female dog in heat. That's how they used to "steal" pitt bulldogs for the fighting arena in Chattanooga Tn.. walk a b in heat down the road, all the male dogs follow.

                I've called the dog pound so many times it ain't funny. One dog I have called them 5 times on, they are supposed to get a $150 ticket each occurrence. They still have not gave a ticket and the owners care not.

                I've spent all day awaiting someone elses project. Tomorrow is my day to work on this Hoe.

                I think, six" wide at the blade, Eight" to 90 deg fold back four", 110deg bend, tines six inches long from folded metal, overlapped two inches onto hoe back, and finger six" long also from pivot.. a slight curvature on each one and close up within 1/2" at base..

                So I need a piece of metal six by 12 flat to fold and shape, a piece to roll into a tubular handle reciever, a piece for the grabber, and some metal rod for the tines.. THE grabber can be worked out after I am happy with the Hoe part.. A motorcycle cable would work for the motivational part.. but it may make a blister tie wraped to the handle while hoe-ing.. I hate blisters.. A hollow fiberglass handle?? but then?? where do you get them??
                Excuse me, I farted.


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                  David do you intend this apparatus to be a 'bring em back alive' deal or is it strictly a one way ticket? I use a reacher stick day in and day out as I'm about four feet one (sitting down) . Harbor Freight has pretty decent reachers that could be easily grafted onto your hoe arrangement.

                  By the way, if it weren't for trash pick up as well, you might find the hoe itself sufficient for dealing with the snakes. I catch and release myself, but not everyone can be charitable where snakes are concerned. No judgement from me in either case.




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                    First part is made.. I have to figure out the grabber and roll the handle socket a lil better, trim it with the plasma cutter..

                    I think, well I think I want a Ski pole like end to stick up in the ground when walking.. I am looking at it..

                    The grabber linkage depends on the handle type I settle with.. hollow fiberglass or wood??

                    I like to release the non-poisonous snakes and dispatch the "others"... I used to let them go too, but I hate them hanging around the family too much. Having a grabber with enough uumph to cut it in half would be a blessing.

                    Not many people realize how powerful a coke can sized snake is.. all muscle. With a copperhead that can be 24" long, as thick as a coke can.

                    A lot of finish work, some more welding.. I could not see well today. Dang this getting old crap..
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                      Maybe a Bowden cable...

                      Some control cables will push and pull, with some good force. You might find a control cable out of an old car or truck (from the heater controls) that would work. Then you could use a router to cut a groove in your wooden handle and tape over that, so you had the shock absorbing wood handle without having to gun-drill it.

                      Or maybe you could gun-drill a hickory handle and use a control rod? That sounds like fun :-)

                      Or, even drill a large hunk of hickory then carve a handle from the hunk so that the hole is centered? Run a pushrod through the hole

                      Hollow fiberglass like arrow shafts could possibly work if you can find a long enough piece.

                      Just thinking out loud here....
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                        Test drive


                        I test drove it today, found a broken rake handle, grey and weathered, rounded the mount tube to fit.. *mental note.. make a reciever tube round before you weld to the hoe..

                        With the 3/8" rod up full length, it is heavier than I wanted.. It hoes great.. tines work great.. really they could be shorter, about half what they are and more curved to "rake" tine till the soil.. no reason to go 8" in with tines.. perhaps harvesting potatoes?? which I did not plant.

                        Needs a ski-pole sticker on the end to walk with on the sloped ground here.

                        It fluffed up the ground around the tomatoes, hoed the weeds just fine.

                        12:00 Am edit.. Okay.. Carrol says I need so much help, there I am out under a full MOON with my goat-head hoe dancing around mostly naked *shorts, no shirt no shoes... Singing and hoeing.. Something Satanic about that she says.. I didn't think so..

                        THEM Zuchinni's plants.. the third leaf was all wrinkled up and nasty looking, but.. gee.. it has spread out under the moonlight akin to "lil Shop of Horror's" plant.. NOW that leaf is the largest on the plants.. you can see them moving.. If they start singing I am outa here..

               Feed me Seymour...
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                          I have to say that you are a lot nicer to those snakes than I would ever be.
                          Paul A.
                          SE Texas

                          Make it fit.
                          You can't win and there IS a penalty for trying!


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                            While you are in the design stage please consider accessories. I'd order one with a 12 guage X6 buckshot in the end. Absolutly no use here for anything that slithers not found in a topless bar on stage
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                              well now.. I paid $17 for #8 shot in a 10 357 shells. First one in front of the chamber is one, rest is hollow points.

                              Ain't no surprise snake worth A dollar seventy. Unless it has me cornered in the shop. The other four are for the other kinds of snakes.
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