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Kearney Trecker #2 Die Mill

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  • Kearney Trecker #2 Die Mill

    I found an advertisement for a Kearney Trecker #2 Die mill with set of collets, right angle attachment, DRO and a few other goodies. It is reported to be in good condition and, from the pictures, it looks to be reasonably well taken care of.

    The asking price is $2500. I thought this was a fair price, but I was curious to hear what your thoughts were.


    p.s. - sorry for the cross post for the PM folks...

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    I ran one of these machines for about 10 years on a daily basis at my job. They are awesome machines and will do away with a rotary table completely for the average user. The machines are kind of underpowered compared to modern machines as they only have a 1hp motor or so. They will move alot of metal though and are quite ridgid. To use the machine to its fullest potential you will need to be pretty good at trig. They will do with the right attachemnts almost anything that a modern CNC will do. I have seen lots of guys run these that actually have no idea what the machine is trully capable of doing. You can cut helixs, cones, arcs and angles of any kind within the radius of the rotary head.
    Great machines in my opinion and if I had the space for one I would buy one in a heartbeat!!
    Never seen a right angle head for one, not even sure how you would put it on the quill, used lots of cherrying heads but not a right angle head.


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      Hmmm - I'm torn. This is going to be a first mill for my BIL and I'm hesitant to start him on such a complex and beautiful machine when most of what he'll need is to cut keyways. On the other hand, he has agreed to let me buy it back from him when I get my own shop, so I want him to buy so I can buy it later! We also are looking at picking up a radial drill and I'd like to find him a cheap horizontal for keyways. I think if he had a radial drill for large hole drilling (commonly needed on the farm) and a horizontal mill for keyways, then the 2D would be a good supplement and not likely to get over-worked.