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  • Greetings Everybody

    It has been a while since I posted. I have been laying about at home reading everything I can to keep from losing my mind. I took a really bad fall on my arse in January of this year and ruptured my L5 disk. I am not doing all that well and am stoned most the time. That being said...I want to thank everyone here for keeping my mind active and thinking about machining. I wander out to the shop and make sure the machines don't get lonely. I want in the worst way to do things and make some chips but I resist with everything I have. I am utterly scared to try anything that requires power tools. Under the influence of Oxycodone I feel too dumb to play with power equipment. I keep thinking about that photo of the guy who got eaten by a big lathe.

    Anyway....good to have you folks on the other side of the screen. HSM has been years of great reading...and still gets even better now that I spend so much time at home. I read when I am sitting up in my chair...but I lay down often.. and the laptop doesn't work well in a reclined position.

    Make an extra chip or two for this crippled (hopefully temporarily)ol' booger.


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    I keep thinking about that photo of the guy who got eaten by a big lathe.
    We dont want another of those images Bill.

    I have been stuffing about with some old Raleigh 20's and Healing bicycles that I have in the shed. I have got to make some space ( get rid of important items ) so I can more easily negotiate the obstacles with my chair.

    Look after yourself.


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      Your tools are lonely but you're being smart about it. Good for you.


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        Hang in there. Let your body heal and keep focused. You'll get back out there soon.

        Keep moving around and get better soon.

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          Boy o boy, I got just a taste of what youre going thru, and I didnt like it ONE bit

          I been messin with this KOLee grinder and last Thurs I 'tweaked' the ole back -- Fri and Sat were wipe outs, eating Ibuprofin like candy, -- Sun the lure was to strong so wandered out there but pretty quickly found was too soon, so ate some more Ibu and thankfully Tues was back to being able to get around OK...

          Im dreading the day when Im not gonna be able to 'spring' back...and at 69 yrs, that is probably not too far off
          If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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            CNC is a good answer to these issues. Load the part, set everything up with all power off and then step back and push the buttons. If it goes haywire press the stop button and turn it all off before approaching.

            I have power everything on my tools. The nice thing about electrically powered feeds is that they can be disengaged by flipping a switch. I can't stand in one place for very long, especially to do something like slowly turning the handwheel to do a long cut on the lathe or mill. With electric leadscrew and cross feed on my South Bend I can sit to the end and adjust the feed by turning a knob or disengage it entirely by turning off the electric feed clutch.
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              My experience with back injury? well the drugs were harder to quit than to get used to the pain.
              They had me taking seven medications a day. I was so addicted to the depression meds and pain meds, and knock out pills to sleep? well.. it took months to get away from them. I don't like pills, or the way they make me feel, useless.. self made moron? NOW they keep trying to put me on Zoloft and other crap.. I like the world and don't want to escape into a mindless life.

              Inversion table, like a cot on hinges.. you clamp your ankles in, raise your arms, it inverts.. set the linkages to do it slowly.. your body is in traction. Measure your height before and after a session with one, the discs expand decompressing.

              A chinese girl IN colorado springs showed me how to pop my own back like a chiropractor, Mine rusts behind the house. I started to toss it.. but it relieved the pain and I can't part with it.

              I have three bad discs, stress making muscles clamp down, making spasms, making it all much worse than it is for me.

              age 30-40, the discs go through a softening process, it is very easy to damage them, then they harden more than they were before, if your back is out of alignment when they harden up? OMG.. I can only imagine.. the spine is a stack of bones held together by muscle in alignment.. Funny nobody teaches this to people before they hurt themselves.

              Take care.. mind yourself, throw them drugs away as soon as possible. May god bless and relieve your pain.
              Excuse me, I farted.


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                I too did this. Very painful and frustrating. A back brace will help. It is like a girdle and takes some of the strain off your back. Light stretching exercises without straining stressing your back ( Canadian Air force back exercises pamphlet ) had a great routine. Drop the pain meds as soon as you can. Learn that the heavy or awkward things can just stay there until you have a mechanical means of moving them. People do not understand until their back craps out. Take care of yourself so you can make chips again.



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                  Thanks for the kind thoughts everybody.

                  I have had 1 steroid injection in my spine. I am scheduled for another. They don't seem to work...much if at all. I probably need surgery to fix it. At this point I honestly don't care...I just want the pain gone...and the ability to work again. It is an L&I issue and they are treating this like a joke. They approve a little at a time..not wanting to fix it.

                  At this point I am constantly stuck with a lean to the right to get away from the pain. I also lean forward like the hunchback. It is a helluva way to live. I cannot lean left or back.

                  I am not sure where this is heading. I don't really seem to have much say in it. They are totally willing to let me sit and suffer while they decide what to pay for ...and what not. Doesn't seem right....but that is bureaucracy for ya.



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                    BE very careful with spinal injections.. THE company doctor I was seeing? well he had a special cocktail.. it was novacaine, steroids, and "saline solution".. what that saline solution does is harden the soft disc..

                    This makes you near pain free for a while, ten years later it creeps back up on you. Saline causes calcium deposits and other things to impose upon the nerves in there. Lil sharp things that look like stalactites and mites.. Grind on the nerves each time you move. Making your feet go numb and you stumble. Old people shuffle their feet for a reason.

                    THE pain free part? it lets the company if you were hurt on the job get off much cheaper.. they don't care.. if you are hurt you are no further use to them..
                    Excuse me, I farted.


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                      Ouch, back pain is rough, and I know how you feel. My legs are junk, arms not that much better, and the leg problems make me walk off-kilter which in turn causes severe lower back muscle spasms. For this I take both Hydrocodone and muscle relaxers.

                      Problem is, I hate them both. I just can't understand why people "like" these things. I do "like" them because they make the pain bearable, and are often the only way I can get some sleep, but they make me feel rotten. Still, it's awfully hard to resist taking them when "moderate" pain is starting to wear at me. So I find that having something to look forward to helps keep me from sinking into a narcotic induced haze where the pain is less intrusive. The two primary things I use to motivate myself is my motorcycle and the large machine tools in my shop. I will not operate either if I've had anything stronger than aspirin in the last 3-4 hours (usually longer). I also will not drive a vehicle of any kind after taking anything (even after a single beer), but I do not generally consider the potential for driving a 4 wheeled vehicle to be very motivational. In any case, I find that these types of goals help me limit/control the potential for addiction and (hopefully) keep me in control of my life in spite of the pain/drugs. Most days, when these goals/rewards are on my mind, I take half or less the normal daily dosage (and that usually at/near bedtime) and don't feel all that worse for it. But if it's a dreary day, or when I just know I'm not going to be able to do either, the full daily dosage seems very inadequate...

                      Anyway, best of luck and I hope you find things improving...
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                        Sorry to hear about your problem. I think all of us in the "trades" have to deal with back problems and they're all different. I've been up & down with mine since the 70's but have been lucky enough to avoid surgery. I got very close to a vicious addiction to hydrocodones. Great stuff until you realize each relief period gets shorter & shorter & shorter and then your inflamed nerves start ignoring it...not to mention what it does to your brain.

                        During one of the "good" cycles in 2004 I started walking EVERY day for 20-30 minutes, rain or shine. The back pain is still there somewhat but is VASTLY better and easlily tolerable.

                        I also had to make myself a 4" high foot rest to go under my desk at work to rest my feet on and correct the angle of my legs. Unfortunately, my job requires long hours of sitting which is terrible on your back. Between the daily walking and the foot rest, I haven't had a pain pill or an anti-inflammatory pill for 2 years now. (knock on wood!)

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                          You guys that complain about the effects of pain relievers should consider this. I have 24/7 pain in every joint of my body and also other places wherever tendons attach to bone. Because of the way that FMS causes ordinary sensations of pressure to be interpreted as pain, pain relievers have no effect, not even very strong ones. The signals are coming through the non-pain part of the nervous system and the only way to stop that is general anesthetic. I would give my left nut for a day without pain. I haven't had such a day in over twenty years except when I used to drink myself stupid. I gave that up as a low quality hobby not worth pursuing.

                          If you want to look at the down side then basically life sucks and as a reward you get to die. Or, you make the best of it while you can.
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                            David, you are right on the money. The injection is a simple "cure" meant to buy time to get back to work...and thus OFF L&I. My Neurosurgeon is fully aware of this..and he hates it. Here in Washington, I have been told that there are escalation levels that surgeons must obey. These are such that he cannot dive in to fix the problem without exhausting all cheap alternatives. He in as much said that I needed to be cut to fix it properly..and he wished that I didn't have to endure all the crap to get there. He really seemed genuinely sorry it had to go like that. I don't like the idea of the fact that I got hurt on the job and L&I is only offering a bandaid to make me think I am fixed. I was 100% prior to the accident...and sheesh...I would like to be at least 95% or better after it is fixed. I know that these things are likely to never be right but is it too much to ask that we get close?

                            BadDog, I totally understand the motorcycle motivation. I have a 2006 bike in the shop that I haven't been on since winter of 08. Now the weather is here and I am damned tempted to ride. But just like the machine shop equipment I am a little cautious. I fear that I might lean to the left and get a good stab in the back that would distract me mid corner. That and the aspect of leg weakness makes me fear a tip over at a stop sign. I have trained myself to stop at stop signs left foot down..right foot on the brake. I really would hate to have my leg go weak..and drop the scooter. So as long as I have stabbing pain and or using bike for now.

                            I too hate the damn drugs. I try like hell to keep them down to no more than 2 per day. I will grit my teeth and tough it as long as I can thru the day till I HAVE to take another. The help me sleep and that is the only benefit. Without them I wake a lot and sleep deprivation kicks in....making everything much worse.

                            Dickeybird, I hope someday to be able to go without chemical pain relief. At this point there isn't really a light at the end of the tunnel. The injections don't hold a lot of hope for me. They actually scare me from the stand point that David pointed out. I don't need a relapse in a few years.

                            Evan, You are very much right. I have had that little "make the most of it" conversation with myself. I figure that if I am stuck sitting on my arse or laying down...I may as well do something. I have been reading a LOT and trying to learn new things. If my glass is half may as well be half full of something worth while.

                            I have known another person who had FMS. I understand it is crap. Not a good thing. I am sure you would rather have to deal with poor gas mileage or uneven tire wear! I know I would.

                            But for now...I'll wait and see what happens. It gives me plenty of time to think and that is a good thing. People don't often take time to ponder things as they should. I do know one thing. If I am blessed enough to have my mobility back fully..I will be taking advantage of it. I have a LONG list of things to do in the shop. I have made lists of things to make, equipment to buy, and gun stuff to build. Tomorrow is another day and that gets me closer to a time when I can tinker again...I hope.

                            I really don't worry about myself. This will either be ok...or not. I don't have a heck of a lot to say about it. The person who I worry about is my dear wife. Hell, I think this has been harder on her than me! She is a good woman and worries too much. I can often tell that she is concerned as she has NEVER seen me out of the game this long ....EVER. I have always gotten hurt..or burned...or cut...and kept working...but this time is different. I think that bugs her more than anything.



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                              One more lil thing... IF you must have surgery to trim a disc? Orthoscopic, you get a half inch incision and don't need some "junkie" blood from being opened up like field dressing a deer..

                              THOSE wide open surgeries are nearly 60% success rate of recovery.. That alone will make you live with doing without one as long as possible.

                              They make a bone bondo, if you must have stabilization of a thin disc, rods & bone bondo, kinda rough to heal up on that too.

                              Had a buddy in Fla who had to have rods put in.. a cargo loader crushed him into a container, picked him up with the load and carried him to the crane offloader.. During his recoup, he had spasms during his nieces wedding at his place.. I carried him, "hairy lil fella in his boxers" through the house full of guests and deposited him in his hot tub.. Talk about some broads in silk & high heels with big eyes??

                              My back injury is why I don't have that kick start panhead anymore, well one reason.. Other was a much younger redhead.. and baby.
                              Excuse me, I farted.