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Cole drill improvement??

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  • Cole drill improvement??

    I was using My cole drill yesterday. It is a very handy, low tech tool that works well, if a little slowly. Because of the forces applied to the drill bit, clamping can be a bit of a pain. Anyway, I built this adapter (new post) that works very well.

    Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch
    The base is a block of mild steel. In use I place it in the right location, then tack the leading edge to the work. After use, pushing the post forwards breaks the tack. A little grinding and you are ready for the next hole. It may not look like much, but it is a great improvement in keeping everything more rigid.

    Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

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    Good show - that does look like an elegant solution to the clamping problem.

    Frank Ford


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      Check out a "J" tap some time. They use them to hand tap water mains, ductile iron etc. Cheap tool. Many uses. You can attach it to almost anything cause of its design. Your design is similar, but you don't need to tack theirs. Clamps to almost anything, in many different ways, takes all size and style bit, even has the taper shaft for your chuck. It even centres the bit for you, and makes the starter dimple. Just another cool old tool.


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        The "J" tap described above is a new one on me -- only thing close I've seen is a regular tap with an extended shaft bent to use as a handle. Hope you can post a pix or link -- curious to see what this is.


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          Great Idea, Had a similar idea, using a piece of flat bar with a bolt or stud tapped or welded to it.


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            Is there any place that sells a J tap you could link to, or show a pic? This sounds incredibly handy.... and I just procured a new Cole drill... so I'm hugely curious.


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              cool idea! i need to get me one of those Cole drills.

              andy b.
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