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Cannondale's going taiwan

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  • Cannondale's going taiwan

    One of the last remaining American pride and joys of bicycling is moving oversea's If this is true im really heartbroke, Looks like I'll be riding older cannondale's in the future - that kinda sucks with the life cycle of aluminum and all...

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    Yep, a nice local company where I grew up in CT. Couple of kids that I went to grade school with had parents that worked there. I also visited the factory when I volunteered as a HAM for a radio checkpoint during a bicycle race.
    It is a shame they are leaving. Hell, I am going to look for a flying job in Asia as well. It is where the money is, it is where the growth is. Rome is burning over here.


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      That sucks.



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        Originally posted by BillH
        Hell, I am going to look for a flying job in Asia as well. It is where the money is, it is where the growth is. Rome is burning over here.
        With all the US shops going on the block and being sold to Asian bidders, it's surprising that American engineers, machinists, and toolmakers aren't following.


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          Wow, I followed the Cannondale and Klien lawsuits in the '80s when I was serious in riding. I put together and rode so many Cannondale bikes that I can still remember pedaling the smallest (and largest) frames around my hometown for a test run before delivery. That bike shop was a fun job and the aluminum frames were all new to me.

          My favorite ride was my Klien Quantum. But the Cannondale bikes were always second in my book with Bianchi being a close third. (they still have that mint green color!)

          It is sad to hear this news. But like everything now days, the profit margin is in overseas production.

          Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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            As everyone knows, there has been a steady stream of manufacturing companies leaving the U.S. for a number of reasons. We have become anti-business with our tax and regulatory structure and it's about to get worse.

            I heard on the news this week that the present admnistratoin is planning some 260,000,000,000 (260 Billion) in taxes over the next few years, much of that on higher income-producing people and companies. That will cause even greater unemployment when companies leave for greener pastures. .

            Combine that with the so-called carbon credit "cap and trade" issue with its ever-tightening environmental controls and who could blame companies for leaving?

            If the drain continues, we will be a nation of comsumers instead of builders and manufacturers. God help us.


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              my brother and i bought our first Cannondales when they still built them in Bedford, PA. had to support the local economy, you know.

              heck, back then the aluminum frames even had a lifetime warranty.

              the thing these companies fail to realize is if i am going to buy some bike (or anything) built in Taiwan or China or whatever Asian country, i'm going to buy based on price, not name-brand. so go ahead and build them there. if Wang-Choy's mountain bike is the same and costs 30% less, i'll be buying his.

              andy b.
              The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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                They will still have their hand directly into what i consider the best X-country front suspension system on the planet;

                "CSG plans to focus its existing Bedford operations on final bicycle and Headshok assembly, CNC machining, testing and quality control, bicycle warranty repair, inside sales/service, distribution and customer support/administration."

                I have been looking on craigs list and E-bay for a back-up frame of slightly different geometry anyways ---- the headshok system is so nice - they do away with the duel telescoping tubes and use a totally rigid fork, then glide the suspension travel on 88 abec-3 aircraft quality linear needle bearings inside the headset -- there is zero sticktion under massive loads and its assembled with slight pre-load so there is no side play, I will have mine apart someday and will take some pics for you guys as the machining is very nice and there's lots of work in these - they are the Ducati desmo's of the mountain bike world and In my opinion deserve allot of credit for this design.

                Im really sad that the frames will not sport the "handmade in the USA" logo on the rear triangles anymore --- I paid extra money for my bike (and im always poor) even though Its components were sub-standard to other bikes in its price range and I did it for the quality frame and forks/susp. and because I wanted to buy something from my country, Im proud to own a cannondale - unfortunately it looks like it will always have to be a used cannondale...


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                  From the article:

                  "Lets be clear… a skilled bike welder in Taiwan can build a bike just as well as one in Bethel, CT, but that’s not the point. The point is that we need to ramp up production capabilities in the USA and do it as cheap as can be done overseas."

                  US industrial output as a percentage of GDP is still quite respectable and the US remains a leader in many areas of production. What's changed over the past 50 years is that we've replaced human operators with electronic ones.

                  As currently constituted, cap-and-trade will help to force what we have left offshore. If you care anything about the industrial/manufacturing base in this country, you need to tell your elected officials to kill this.


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                    That won't happen.

                    A lot of American Companies are going the "offshore" route to avoid the mind numbing tax burden and the vulture-like grip of stateside unions.

                    It's happening as we speak...Chrysler is in bankruptcy, and plans to move any remaining factories it has after the chapter 11 to Mexico. GM has also stated that a number of factories in the US will be closed down permanently, and the manufacturing jobs are being moved to Mexico and South America.

                    It's true that a skilled bike welder in Taiwan can build a bike just as well as one in Bethel, Ct. But, the Taiwanese welder will be doing the same job for $1.50 instead of $275....Of course, the Taiwanese welder has a lower cost-of-living than the guy in Bethel, and doesn't have to pay union dues.
                    And the manufacturer can STILL sell the product for the same price as it did before....( IE: huge profits)

                    Obama is working hard to make the USA the world's newest "Third World Country".
                    No good deed goes unpunished.


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                      Blaming the present administration for companies leaving the country is just stupidly wrong. Companies, businesses have been leaving for a long time. Cheap labor and obsene managment pay is what it all about.



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                        This country's been a skeleton crew for a long time and it seems to keep getting worse, A few who import the goods and sell them see huge profits but what are all the masses going to do to survive or buy any of the products being imported --- everybody's going to hurt esp. when there's no moneys to buy the product (kinda like now).


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                          nobody here makes any money to buy imports with. we all trade on the good name our former manufacturing prowess provides us with. When that good name isnt worth anything anymore, the usa wont be worth anything, and noone will want to import here because noone can afford to buy anything.

                          after 8 years of tax cuts on the rich, im still waiting for the profits to trickle down!! somehow, i dont think thats the answer, and i really get tired of people here that still think that somehow, it is..

                          ill probly get flamed now, but so what. im an amateur machinist. i really enjoy reading and sometimes trying some of the solutions i read about in this forum.


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                            I thought the teleprompter messiah was going to stop this? Sure glad he's showing those greedy American companies they aren't going to be making a profit off of the American public.
                            I'm sure those Taiwanese deserve the jobs more than some lazy,ignorant gun toting American, it's only fair.
                            Non, je ne regrette rien.


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                              There is a career for you--splitshifting at McDonalds.

                              Fries with that order sir??

                              It is happening elsewhere also.
                              Face it. In the big picture, and it is the big picture that is important right?
                              No one gives a flying f for the work unit (people).

                              Welcome to the new religion-- it is the same as the old one -- just different.

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