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Hot tube ignition

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  • Hot tube ignition

    A friend and I were discussing gas engines, and the subject of hot tube ignition came up. Neither of us knows beans about it, but he is thinking about refurbishing a small engine that uses it.

    How is the ignition timed with this? Is it simply a matter of compressing the charge until ignitable material reaches the hot surface?
    Seems to have been a reliable method of running oil field engines, but how pre-ignition was avoided is not clear.
    By his description, you have to heat up the tube externally to get it started, there is some sort of chimney that is not all there on his unit (which has no obvious name, and I have not seen).
    Any explanations welcomed with thanks.

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    I don't know a lot about hot tube ignition either but I'm sure you can find out about anything you want to know at I'm interested in old engine restoration so I check in there quite often.
    Good luck