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Video of 180 degree folding toolbar .

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  • Video of 180 degree folding toolbar .

    Here's the finished product. I have some pictures I will try to add later. The shop is busy, but I lurk on here so much and steal so much knowlege from you guys I felt I should try to give a little back.

    This machine is a crimper used to push hay into the ground for erosion control along new hiway construction. ON the 2 foot wing the gang can be 12 inches lower or mounted the same hight as the main gang. It is in the lower position now. This is so he can drive on the pavement and crimp along the shoulder.

    Thanks for all the replies on the CAD programs. I still haven't had time to really try any of them out. I guess that's good, I must be working.


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    Nice job,getting the kinematics down on that isn't an easy chore.
    I just need one more tool,just one!