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email with less memory hog habits.

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    Using Thunderbird with two IMAP accounts and one POP account. IMAP because mail is stored on the server, not my PC, making it easier to access the accounts on several different PCs, plus, if my hard drive crashes, I don't lose any mail. IMAP is slow, though, especially on a satellite connection.

    T-bird is using 42 mb at the moment, running in Linux.

    The day will come when T-bird is replaced by webmail --- just open another tab in your browser instead of opening a resource sucking program. The Gmail web interface is getting pretty decent, though not as nice or as versatile as the T-bird interface. It's just a question of time until webmail catches up to conventional mail programs.


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      I put 2G-4G in my machines... and don't worry about application footprint...

      I've run outlook for 12 years... never had any problems.. about a 7G of messages archived (locally).