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Proper scaffolding?

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  • Proper scaffolding?

    I need to repair my chimney, its falling apart, i converted it to natural gas fireplace years ago with a aluminumn chimney insert, but the bricks in rough shape, Any tips on proper scaffolding or stuff to use for this type of repair? I am going to bend up stainless for the base of it in my home shop. thanx Mike

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    I dont think you are THAT far into the boondocks Madman, so I recommend that you rent some scaffolding from RentAll. It is quite inexpensive, and the best part is, you will be around to show us the finished product. You dont say whether this is an interior or exterior chiminey, but I assumed the latter. If it IS an interior one, I recommend that you tear it down back to the fireplace, and replace it with a stainless one. Sell the "antique" bricks to offset the cost. Duffy
    Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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      just a dumb question here:

      Would it be cheaper to go to high tech equipment so you don't need a chimney? We went high tech on the furnace and now vent thru pvc pipe. Next purchase will be an electric demand water heater to save money. After that, the chiminey that runs up the middle of my house and right smack dab in the middle of the upstairs room addition can be removed ! Live in a cape cod and former owners turned the attic into several bedrooms.
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        I will have to agree, that renting even from Home Despot or Highes would be cheaper in the long run if some thing would go wrong. My understanding is that the insurance doesn't pay off on home made scaffold accidents.
        You can rent day week bi weekly or monthly the longer the cheaper. It comes in 5 foot and 6 foot height sections with the jacks and or wheels plus 1/2 height sections plus the safety planks that hook on the scaffolds sides. plus it won't fold up on you when you get all the toys up there and the supervisor too

        Or do what the Chinese do use bambo lashed together. I watched them giuys lash a 15 story scaffold together when I was in Hong Kong during Nam. scary!
        Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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          Rental is the way to go.

          Is it on the side of house/outside wall or in the middle of the roof?


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            Originally posted by PTSideshow
            Or do what the Chinese do use bambo lashed together. I watched them giuys lash a 15 story scaffold together when I was in Hong Kong during Nam. scary!
            They still do it...10 years ago I was in Taiwan/HK/Singapore a bunch of times for the job, and was always a bit leary when I saw that stuff. Flip flops on a site was also commonplace.



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              Im NOT building scaffolding, Just bending up some stainless for around the base of the new chimney.


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                At the risk of not answering the the question properly and offending people all in the name of a laugh......Billy Connolly has some thoughts on Chimneys and Scaffolding. It's goes to the "spirit" of the question.

                Billy Connolly, if you don't know, makes full use of the English language. He is a comedian.

                Seeing how this was posted by Madman, I thought a little humor might be ok. (Although this is not Connolly at his best)