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  • nother silly question

    Any ideas on bending I beam, short of cut/weld?
    The beams are 6x2, est 1/8 thick. (inches)

    It's an old boat trailer that I'm making a flatbed out of, but from the bed area to the hitch I have just over 7 feet of 'useless' length.

    Been thinking of cutting the tongue to length then using jacks and come-alongs to try cold bending each rail to shape. Has anyone had any success using that method?
    The bend is there, I just need to tighten it up from 15 or so to approximately 45 degrees.

    No real objection to welding or cutting, it's just that I'm unable to weld here at home.

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    Originally posted by kendall
    Any ideas on bending I beam...
    Have a Google for 'flame straightening', e.g.

    If you start at the bottom of the page and read backwards, you will achieve the result you want!


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      Thanks, I may give that a try, looks like a pretty interesting method.

      Made up my mind to turn it into a flatbed, torched off all the brackets and now a neighbors looking for a boat trailer.



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        Finally got around to doing the trailer, Come-alongs and chains worked perfectly, Put a very nice smooth even curve in each side rail. Had the heat and saws ready just in case, but never needed either.