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Rebuilding a bandsaw

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  • Rebuilding a bandsaw

    I have an oldish bandsaw that initially had a life in industry...It is only a small generic 7" X 12" one..No auto feed..It is not the bet machine for straight cuts..

    I want to rebuild it but do not know the secrets to them like if the driving and idler wheels need to be tapered or crowned and all the other bits and pieces...

    Some help wouldbe needed on what needed on the way to recondition it so it not only cuts straight but also the blade does not fall off all the time...
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    To get a bandsaw to cut straight you need to do a series of experiments to find out how best to appease the bandsaw gods.

    The variables are almost endless, ie should the sacrificial goat be black or white - maybe it should be a cat or dog and not a goat - and should the sacrifice be made at the full moon or the new moon. The number and size and colour of the candles placed around the altar can be significant as indeed is whether you circle clockwise or anti clockwise or whether you chant in Urdu Romany or Latin.

    Apart from that, all I can really tell you is that the wheels on my generic 6 x 4 bandsaw are flat, with a ridge on the back edge to stop the blade pushing off.


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      I had rebuilt a saw a while back and what I found that the bearings were craped out. The wheels would never track straight and that can keep the bandsaw from ever working well. The wheel profile is important although my wheels were good in that aspect.

      Next would be the guides. My saw had bearing guides and they were also crapola. These sit so close to the work you are bound to get chips and grit in there. Replace them.

      Then there was the bushings that create the hinge between the saw and the base. These were shot and when the saw was initially set to the work all looked well. But when the load was applied, the saw would twist on the bearings and start cutting different.

      Which comes to aliment and blade tension. Do a little search around here. There are good articles on both. Double check your alignment when assembling. The blade should be square and plumb to the work holding surface. As for the blade tension, I tighten mine up and go. Not the best situation but I plan to make a tension gage someday and make myself feel as though I'm more professional.

      Post some photos of the project as you go. We would like to see it.


      Bandsaw rebuild
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