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machinist chair /bench/foot stool

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  • machinist chair /bench/foot stool

    Has anyone got or is using what he or she might consider to be the best seat for sitting on while working a lathe or mill? Rubber mats are fine but a good seat would be a great relief during those long boring jobs. Signing of "LEGSTARD"

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    I use something like a barstool with a short back on it....I can sit or half stand with butt on stool and it still takes weight off my feet


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      I have a bar stool. It is sometimes too comfortable. It would be better if I had to stand. Nah... This is a hobby.
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        bar stool with back bent slightly forward for more support.


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          Hardinge makes a lovely comfy chair for the HLV - it ain't cheap by any stretch, but they do feel good to my arse!

          I would look for a bar stool type chair as they are about the right height for mill or lathe. Perhaps a nice drafting stool.


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            Yes to the barstool with a back on it, but sit backwards on it. You're leaning forward, right? So, the support should be to your chest.

            One of those orthopedic-ergonomic-rest your butt-support your shins-chest suppoting chairs would be nice.

            If it's a small lathe, how about a Lazy-Boy recliner, with the lathe mounted on an angled board across the armrests? OOOooohhh yeah


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              Tall stool, nearly standing upright, no back to keep posture right. Rubber mats.



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                Those "ergonomic chairs"? They are killers. Man in one shop brought one in. He invited me to have a seat. Felt very good, then I had an urge to leave quickly. takes lots of training to go backward when every bone your body wants to go forward. Damn chair would not let go of me. Chair and I wound up entwined, my dignity left where the chair and I first met. I prefer a bar stool, belly laid gracefully over the part where your lower back was intended to go.

                The little "back" on the bar stool supports you, giving good posture, increasing enjoyment of life. Now I want a Little shelf along side the stool to set my Bourbon on. May rent one of those gals one of the brothers here suggests. flat headed short or big breasted. Either would solve the drink storage problem. The cleavage storage method seems the more elegant, and I go for elegant. But the Bourbon is the main thing.

                Bar stool, Bourbon, pipe and contentment


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                  Dr. Rob,

                  I have one of those ergo whatever kill your knees chairs sitting by the dumpster. Ya want it? You pay the shipping.
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                    I second the motion. Not many of us pipe smokers left. Not to mention the < >.
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                      No I don't. They kill my knees. I want the Lazy-Boy.


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                        machinist chair is a edge pickup tool.


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                          Dr. Rob:

                          I had a big comfy leather recliner. Then some fat bastard ruined it. Jesus I was mad! Steel just ain't what it used to be. I made spacers for the offending mechanism and repaired it. Then the F*&^ing steel bent into a pretzel. I am still looking for the receipt and by God, I am taking it back to costco for a refund - 25 year warranty my ass!

                          But I am not, wait - My ass fit that chair just right! I am truly pissed now...


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                            Never mind your ass- Did the lathe fit the chair, is the important question!


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                              I have an old oak school science lab stool. Use it as a table (takes a full 4" dividing head, or 8" rotary table!), use it as a step to check out those high shelves, and best of all sit on it. It has an arse print in the seat area, comfort or what? It even has genuine school inspired graffiti - "Becky has big T*ts" - scrawled on it!!

                              Funny how they weren't comfortable back when I was at school!