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    I recently picked up one of the Electronic digital HF mics that have been talked about recently and was quite surprised at the repeatability. I got out the Jo blocks and after closing the mic and Zeroing it I measured up several different blocks between 0 and 1.00" and got a consistent .0003 to .00035 over sized. In total I did about 20 different measurements and the only difference was that the amount of error dropped to .0002" after awhile.

    The error was possibly do to the fact that the mic had been in the house which was quite a bit warmer then the shop where the blocks where stored.

    I would have a real hard time machining to a half tenth anyway so that level of accuracy doesn't matter much to me but it will hold to .001" all the time which is pretty good for $35.00, a lot cheaper than the name brand digital mic's.

    I also picked up one of the digital DI's for $30.00 and they look pretty good too, haven't checked it's accuracy yet.
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    I have a complete set of H.F. Mics that I bought some 15 years ago. 0-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 with standards. They are surprisingly good and repeat nicely. At least, they are plenty good enough for what I do. I also have a set of Lufkins up to 3" that I seldom use in favor of the H.F. ones...might as well wear out the cheap stuff first. LOL.


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      I have the HF digital dial indicator, not a bad tool, just a battery eater


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        Originally posted by Bmyers
        I have the HF digital dial indicator, not a bad tool, just a battery eater

        I have a battery powered "Avenger" digital caliper. It uses AG13 batteries. I take the battery out if I'm going to leave it for more than a day. Otherwise, it will go dead in a week and a half or so. I keep the battery in a plastic bag attached to the caliper and it only take a few seconds to install it.

        The batteries are cheap on eBay. I bought 30 of them for $1.00 plus $3,85 shipping USPS Priority. .


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          I boosted the spring on the rachet on my HF digital up a little bit seemed to give me better feel or more matched my lack of