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  • Newbie - in spite of the screen name -

    New to the board and the HSM arena. I'm a high school teacher at the same school I graduated from (30+ years ago) and have had an interest in metalworking and all things mechanical since HS shop class. My hobby welding has managed to pay for itself over the last few years, and I recently caught a Clausing Model 111 Dual Quick Change on craigslist for pretty cheap. I haven't run a lathe in almost 3 decades, since I was working for a gunsmith, so I'm really a novice. The Clausing came with 3- and 4-jaw chucks, a quick-change tool setup, and some odds and ends. Has an old GE motor that's set up on 110v but can be switched over to 220v.

    Is this a good lathe to putter with? What's it worth in reasonably good condition?


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    Welcome to the forum.
    Any lathe is better than no lathe, and if You "picked it up for cheap" then I'd say You got a good buy.
    Any machine is worth what the market will bear, like the old used car salesman credo "there is an a$$ for every seat " so if and when You want to move up or down from the lathe You have now...someone will have just the right size a$$ for it.