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Nardini 1230E Lathe problem

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  • Nardini 1230E Lathe problem

    The Threading disengagement on my lathe is not working right. The heaver the cutting force the harder it is to disengage. Even at very light cuts it is unsatisfactory. With applications that permit a relief groove it is OK. With the onset of this problem I have bumped the sholder while threading. This seemed to make things worse. Any thoughts or suggestions on a corse of corrective action would be appreciated.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    I would check to make sure that the half nut mechanism in the carriage is getting oil/is well oiled. Try spraying some decent oil (not WD-40) like LPS2 or vactra in a squirt can up around the half nuts. If it starts working right, you need to take the carriage down and find out why it is not getting oil. You may have an oil line clogged or a missing or broken felt. If that is not it, you will have to tear it down anyway to find out what is worn or broken. You don't want to crash while threading and trash the nuts or worse...