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Posting pictures other than Photobucket, facebook account

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  • Posting pictures other than Photobucket, facebook account

    Okay.. it is simple.

    1. Click on facebook photo album,
    upload , add photos to your album.
    2. A java applet opens up, showing all the directories on your computer and "CAMERA" if you want to bypass downloading them to the computer..
    3. Click on picture box, you see the picture on the applet.
    4. Click upload..
    5. Then publish to facebook..

    NOW to show it on HSM..
    1. Right Click on picture on Facebook.
    2. Click copy image location..
    3. NOW On your HSM post... Click the lil icon there yellow with mountain scenery..
    4. Paste the "image location" onto the window..
    5. Click post.. it appears in the HSM post..

    DONE.. Stealing bandwidth.. you can copy a picture from most places on the internet to a post.. the same way.. NOW if a HSM viewer or other has their browser set up for "no redirection" it will not sometimes view the pictures.. a lil red X

    Facebook is free, lets you network too with people of a like personality and interests.
    Excuse me, I farted.

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    I find it hilarious that you have a facebook account, I hate that damn site, my friend talked me into opening an account and all of a sudden I have people from HS contacting me that I really didn't want to be reacquainted with. Annoying annoying site, I think I havent checked my account in two or three months, maybe I'll log back in after the upcoming 15 year reunion is over with is good for a quick picture upload from your computer and you dont need an account unless you want to make an album