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Quick Change NMTB 50 tooling

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  • Quick Change NMTB 50 tooling

    Alright, so my BIL's Milwaukee mill has a NMTB 50 taper spindle. Currently, there is some sort of quick change setup installed. There is an adapter that is held in place by the drawbar. This adapter has the 50 taper on the outside and a 40 taper? inside. It has two set screws 180* apart and these set screws holds the smaller taper from falling out. The driving is done by a rectangular bar. In the side of the smaller taper (a shell mill holder), it reads "L.S.J. Q.S. 50 - 3/4".

    I'd like to find more tooling that is compatible, but I'm not sure what it is called or where to get it ... I can find a bunch of 50 taper endmill holders that take a drawbar, but that gets old on such a large machine

    Sorry for the shoddy description. I forgot to take a picture and I'm back at home now... Any help is appreciated! (I'm pretty ignorant about these things)

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    Is this the type of holder you have,

    If so it is a Weldon QA-50 quick change system. My K&T horizontal mill has this system too.
    Mark Hockett


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      Yes, exactly! Thanks!