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South Bend 9" Indicator Mounting

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  • South Bend 9" Indicator Mounting

    Moving some older posts over from another site.

    Banged this out in March. I wanted to make one for the longest time but did not want to do all sorts of tapping on the castings. This design makes NO NEW HOLES and requires NO MODIFICATIONS to the lathe!

    I made a "flag" with some flat stock and used the existing 1/4-20 thread on the cross-slide to mount it. The bracket that I made is just two shaft collars welded together.

    When I don't need the gage I can just loosen the clamp and slide it out - and leave the rest mounted since it is not in the way. I'll put a thumb screw on it eventually.

    The pictures are not great - and neither is the paint job since I loaded it up with paint outside in 35 degree weather, then knocked it over bringing it inside.

    This isn't the greatest project - but might give someone an idea.

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    Nice idea. I may have to make one for my cross slide now.

    I recently made a new DI holder for the main ways on mine. The one I got with the lathe was two piece with the DI held in the lower one - in the clamp below the ways. It always had a tendency to rotate around the clamping screw and the indicator reading would change a lot when this happened. This made setting a zero difficult and any accidental bump would loose the setting - been there, done that. I made a new one from Fortal aluminum with the hole for the DI in the upper part that was firmly fixed on the front vee of the ways. This is 1000% more stable and I can adjust the DI to zero very easily now.

    One feature I like on devices like this is a separate zero adjustment. I plan to add a "landing screw" on the lathe carriage for the DI tip to rest against. I will probably use a fine thread like 1/2-20 or 1/4-40 to give a fine adjustment for easy zeroing. I will need to drill and tap the carriage casting for this.
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      Nice concept for the 9 inch , i think ill use it for mine. Did Alistar help with the paint selection
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