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Help, problem with mower tires, solution to clutch

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  • Help, problem with mower tires, solution to clutch

    Rolling down hill mowing, turn, my 300lbs plus the mower weight keeps rolling these tires off the rims.. solutions? (besides lose weight??)

    Notice the transmission is a rubber disc on a flat plate at a 90.. disc is hooked to motor, rubber shifts across with gear lever to give variable ratios.. the clutch, metal to metal was slipping in the clamp section there with the 4 bolts.. I machined the outer diameter of a harley friction clutch to be the same size, notched the 4 bolt holes in the middle to match clutch fingers..

    It will do a wheelie now. I did just roll the tires off the rims again in 5th gear thou.

    Don't have a manual, old snapper rider with tube frame, 8hp.. I took it next door to help the new YOUNG redhead mow her grass.. them two young girls were sweating like pigs with waist high grass.. OLD snapperoo cut it, except it quit pulling.. slippage.. Carrol said I probably scared the young things to death.. tattooed, Large sweaty man on a old rusty lawnmower.. they didn't ask me to leave..

    I now have over $100 in the old snapperoo. Two back tires.. and about five hours now in labor.
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    maybe run a higher air pressure or stick a tube in it? Thats a pretty tall tire on a dinky rim. Bet it's going to be hard to keep it on.


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      What mike said. stick a tube in there. Clean the rust of the inside of the rim first. it will eventually abrade the tube.


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        Well when you beef one part up, another part fails. Perhaps the designers of this was not thinking about a 300lb man on the side of a ridge. or they were afraid it'd do a wheelie and eat him up with the blade.. that is another pain, the blade lock you gotta keep a foot on..

        I gotta machine a flat disc to go on top of the motor drive disc.. it being balanced.. well.. (I got it hot doing wheelies evidently) it has a section it will not pull in..

        Tempted just to pull it all loose and put a hydraulic motor and pump on it. I'll look around for that parts list. I was wanting something gas engine powered to run the big winch I got here too. (off a line truck) Then it'd need another hyd motor to run the deck so I could scrap the belt.. This motor runs extremly well or I'd park it where I did the Murray for three years..

        Two hyd motors and I could put the casters off the robot mower on the front huh? $100 zero turn.

        Manuals are online, I love the internet.. NOW,

        To adjust the clutch to pull heavier loads, move toggle spring to topmost hole..
        (back to doing wheelies)
        Gears one, two are still out thou.. perhaps I got the rubber tire wore out now? fifth gear is good for about 10mph..
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          I think if you would remove the rust off of your rims bead area and put new tires on you would be fine. you could also get solid tires.
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            David, I had a snowblower that had a similar problem where the tubeless tires would "auto-deflate" between uses. I tried higher pressure and it helped but eventually they went flat again. What did the trick was removing the tires, scotchbrite the rust and crud from the bead seat on rims, thin coat of silicone plumbers grease on bead. In your case, the silicone might cause the tires roll off again with side loading. Also, I'm not certain what silicone grease does to rubber compound..degrade the rubber? Not sure. All I know is my tires don't deflate on their own anymore.

            Now from the photo, I'm thinking you don't need a mower -You need Roundup!


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              I learned "the hard way" about what you're saying David. Years ago, I had an old Ford sedan. Since I was working in an auto parts store at the time, I got pretty good deals on parts. So, I built a pretty healthy engine for it...
              Well, no sooner did I install the engine, and the clutch failed. I put a heavy duty clutch in it, the transmission failed.I bought a four-speed that could handle 500 hp, then the driveshaft wound up like a barber pole. New driveshaft, much stronger, the bolts holding the ring gear all sheared.
              Tougher rear end, now the axles were winding up and snapping.
              Got new Mosher axles.....the engine blew up...
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                Appears to be a 5/8" axle there on the front.. bearings in hubs..

                HF had them stinky gold tires for 4.99 ea recently.. they have tubes in them.. NOW if the axle stub length is not priority size and too short?

                Same size tire.. 4.00.. rim.. 8" outside.. I got one tire I took off to put a gocart slick on to roll metal, no innertube left.. guess what? A inner tube costs $10, a whole tire $4.99... If the bearing length is right..
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                  You might try rubber cement , the kind used for patching tires. Clean the rim and tire where they contact , over inflate few pounds till it cures .
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                    Don't it just bust ya buns when you're showin orft to the ladieees and yer wheel falls orft

                    Regards Ian.
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                      hmmm....when I still used skid steer loaders alot we used to get the tires foam filled....ride was rough as hell,but never went flat even with 2-3 inch gashes.


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                        300pounds or not the wheels shouldn't shed their tyres so easily read tires in USA you and me buddy gotta lose a few hundred poundsAlistairAlistair
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