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Heavy Storage Tool rack

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  • Heavy Storage Tool rack

    I made up a piece of metal table with a hole lot of holes (LOL) in it. Took a whuile to bore all the holes and chamfer. NOW i am looking for a set of roller or ball bearing glides about 2 inches high and 20 inches long?? I haveny had much luck on computer any tips guys where to buy one or how to make a good heavy duty one ??

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    For cheap I've used slides from old filing cabinets, but I'm in the UK, your filing cabinets may be different.

    New in the USA

    starter for 10

    I no longer own tools I had.


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      Whole lot of holes.

      I know my spelling and grammar is teh suxxor but that's one I remember.
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        When I get Time... I'll...


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          Search for "full extension slide" on ebay and you'll find a bunch, maybe cheaper than surpluscenter, depending on shipping.


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            Well i aint got much of a education but i gets bye OK I gess.


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              Thanx Guys

              100 pound capacity? I checked out the Surplus centre drawer glides. They look kind of light for my unusual (as usal) project. I may try to find some other source for heavy duty ones. thanx all for the input.


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                i'l second fleabay. i picked up a few pairs there rated at some insane amount like 200# or something. and they were only $10 per pair for 24" travel. just keep watch for a while, they show up pretty regularly.

                andy b.
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                  Actually these things have come way down in price here try B and Q or axminster power tools uk or it's equivelent the ship to the states I believe axminster that is.Alistair
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                    two on top of each other should do it ..

                    the ones
                    decribed as heavy duty on ebay are good for 100 lbs

                    so a double row is extra srecurity.

                    all the best.markj