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Hurco cnc with min max

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  • Hurco cnc with min max

    Hi there as the title says, I am or have been looking at these
    machines and would like to see what others opinions of them

    The machines I am looking at getting are the tm8h lathe
    and the vm2 machining centre.

    Im almost certain I will purchase these machines but would like
    to know if they are good value for money and are they userfreindly
    as there will be a vary of people using it.

    Many thanks in advance


    Edit to say: Winmax is the system . spelling error
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    I have an older Hurco HPM-3 with upgraded Dynapath 50 controls that works flawlessly. The control is more accurate then the endmills more often then not.

    If you want I can post photos of some pieces I made which required a 5.01mm holes to press fit 5mm LEDs into. The final fit is always tight and accurate


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      I have an ancient Hurco SMB that had the old BX control that lasted for over 20 years before it finally crapped out from oil eating the insulation off of the wiring in the main flex conduit, so that is pretty good. About 3 years ago I almost bought a new one with Winmax, but they were having a lot of teething troubles then and their pricing was out of line with the rest of the market, but it was still a nice machine. There are a lot of Hurco owners that hang out on the cnc forum on the Practical Machinist site ( ), so that would be a good place to post too.


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        Thanks for that guys, the guy from hurco did confirm the first problems
        with earlier systems but asured me that the problems had been ironed out,
        There seems to be a few very good deals in my eyes but coming from the
        background in only using mori seiki machines i understand that the goods
        you get are exactly what you pay for hence the huge price gap, however
        i am not put off by this as there seems to be nothing but good reports
        about these machines.


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          Good machine , well built and it has very easy controls to use.

          You may want to check out the repair and help BB at

          Buddy is a really helpful guy

          Green Bay, WI


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            Yeah believe there easy to use and good machines, I have placed my order
            today for two.


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              I run a Hurco VM1 with WinMax at work every day. For ease of conversational programming they simply cannot be beat IMO. With a few purchased options (3d Mold, Swept Surface) you can do some pretty sophisticated 3d stuff right off the console in conversational. Team it with a good CAM package and they're hard to beat for the price. For one-off parts it is super simple and quick to program and if you are running a production lot they're great for that too. I've installed a Spider_cool to mine that makes aiming the coolant a no-mess joy!