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Rack for QC holders

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  • Rack for QC holders

    Some time back I saw a thread on racks for QC holders and decided I would build one. Since I am very fast and don't procrastinate it only took me about 6 months to do it. see how fast I am . Well, after doing some layout work with the holders on the workbench I decided what I wanted and built it. Since it's mounted at the tailstock end it is easy to reach and mostly away from the chips, etc. and a good place for the air hose.

    I'm loving it more every day I use it.

    It's only ink and paper

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    Nice work. A bit of a different twist on what I have seen in the past.

    Thanks for sharing.
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      Great, mind if I copy it? I made a half dovetail from hardwood and it's on the front of the overhead shelf behind the lathe. Every time I touch one it falls off. I'll get mine made in the next month or six!!!Peter
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        Very nice. That design could hold a lot of tool holders and not waste much space. Here's the version I made.

        Those are BXA sized holders. The cross rods are 1/4" round and the straps on the side are 1" x 1/4" rectangle. The mounting holes are drilled 16" on center so it can be bolted right to the studs.
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          Hmm, hornluv, that's one way I hadn't seen or thought of. Easy to make and spacing is not a problem. If my system fails me I may use your method.

          Having them within a arms length is the important part.

          brockley1, go for it but do a better job of getting the angle aluminum cut to an exact length. I thought I measured them exactly but I could have made them a tad longer. On the other hand, they may have been harder to get on and off the rack.
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          It's only ink and paper