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OT - My sawbuck "score" today!

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  • OT - My sawbuck "score" today!

    I brake for garage sales.

    On the way back from my early afternoon errands today, I stopped at a small estate sale that had been running since early Friday morning.

    This item caught my eye - a really clean full suspension two drawer legal file cabinet with a full set of Pendaflex folders inside.

    As I was testing the drawer slides, the upper drawer jammed a bit because some file folders had become dislodged. To make sure the drawer worked smoothly, I pulled it all the way out, and saw something way back behind the last file - A PILE OF MONEY.

    Foreign currency, to be sure, but gleaming out from the bottom of the pile - a ten dollar gold certificate:

    Now I don't believe I've ever actually seen one of these things before, but it was unmistakably big and cool:

    I called the sellers over to see my find, and were THEY surprised! They'd volunteered to help their friend through the ordeal of dealing with his deceased father's estate and had spent a lot of time cleaning out each file folder and looking for family papers. Although they are about my age the couple selling the stuff had no idea what such a thing was, so I told them to be sure to get that bill checked out because it might be worth more than all the other stuff in the garage.

    Here's my reward - a nice free file cabinet:

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    Frank Ford

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    Good on you, I had a feeling you were going to do the right thing.



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      Very good, Frank - the 1922 series are selling for between $600 and $1200 USD. Could be too the other currency has collector value as well. Congrats on the well-earned file cabinet!


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        What to do????

        WOW, Ford man. I gotta admit that I am not shure what I would do. I guess that is why I haven't been put into that situation! I am shure that there would be these 2 guys, and 1 standing on each shoulder a whispering---no shouting in each ear and telling me what to do. One would be telling me to do what you did and the other would be pokeing me with his pitchfork and tellin me to "just load the damm thing up, go home and start bragging" Yep, there would be a war going on in between my ears, thats for shure. And I would hate to have to fight off those invisible forces. That would be tuff.
        But just wondering, what would that money be worth? And some foeign money, just like ours, is worth a lot more than face value too.

        Your friend, Doggie


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          Mr. Ford,
          my first post, and I just want to say, you sir are a gentleman.


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            I admire your honesty sir!


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              Odd storage places.

              A friend was called on to dispose of his uncles belongings. There was not a lot left to deal with. In one drawer there was a tin that the old hob nails for boots came in and there were some there but underneath were several gold coins.

              Another friend who was into metal detectors found several of the little lockable containers installed in fence posts. None of them had anything in them. These were probably from the 1920's an 30's. The lock on these was like the old square door locks where one key fits them all.

              Another colorfull local was telling about going by to check on his bank. A quart mason jar filled with cash. This was hidden in an armadillo hole in the pasture. The armadillo moved back in and kicked the jar out on the surface. Luckly it was still there.
              Byron Boucher
              Burnet, TX