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Anilam DRO's: a good choice?

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  • Anilam DRO's: a good choice?

    Hi everyone,

    I will be getting my new (at least to me) Bridgeport later this week and have the option of having a DRO installed prior to purchase. The dealer told me that the technician he hires to do repairs on his machines is also an Anilam Wizard tech. This tech will be coming in to fix a minor issue with the quill feed on the mill I'm buying and can install a brand new Anilam DRO and scales for me at a pretty good discount (less than it would cost me to do it myself) at the same time if I want.

    I have no experience at all with DRO's (no machine I have ever run has had one), so I have to ask is an Anilam DRO a good choice?


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    The shop I worked at had an old Anilam, which worked great until a lightning strike. We replaced it with a new, fancy model Anilam Wizard and it's a blast to use. My new (to me) K&T 2D has an old Anilam on it and it works great. Anilam is a well known name and, from my limited expierence, seems to be a good choice.

    I've only got very minimal expierence with DRO's in general, though. The only other brand I've used is a "Bridgeport" brand one. It is very irritating to use, but it also is very old.


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      I have a Anilam Miniwizard on my Monarch and it works great.


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        It's a quality brand. I think Anilam got bought by Acu-Rite a few years ago, which is certainly a quality company too. I don't think you'd go wrong with one.
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