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Effect of Kennametal on our tooling ...

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  • Effect of Kennametal on our tooling ...

    I've had questions on dies, drills and taps floating around in my head for a while and the thread on dies has shaken it loose.

    Is anyone close enough to Kennametal products to know what the effect has been on each of the brands they have swallowed up?

    A few of special interest are Greenfield (GTD), Chicago Latrobe, Cleveland Twist Drill and Vermont Tap and Die.

    Where are they all made now? Is the quality the same now? Should I consider myself lucky for the GTD, C-L and Cleveland tools I have from the past (many NOS)?

    added - probably should have searched first as this was discussed only 6 months ago.

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    I have been a long time Kennametal user.
    I have found that every thing is still very good
    I am in NL, Canada and usually get my items the next day
    Price is a little higher, but service is great.
    Not long ago had an order that was not in North America
    Got a call saying that it was in Germany....2 days later I had it.
    Products now are made all over. The last parting tools inserts were Germany,
    and the last threading inserts were from Israel. Very good quality!
    My 0.02
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      Kennametal makes good threading and turning inserts.

      I know when I had to make cuts on 6" HRS and cut 6 feet long and hold +/- .001" that Kennametal inserts would hold up much better then the cheapo inserts. I also found the TPU K680 inserts held up real well cutting flame and plasma cut circles as long as you horse it and cut well under the skin.

      I dont care who makes them as long as they put chips in the pan and good work out the door.

      I know if I had to get some big jobs that need fast cutting tools I would call them in a heartbeat, dont beat yourself up and lose money by buying cheapo tooling.


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        Kennametal has fully embraced Globalization. It's hard to keep up with where the various products are made nowadays, most of the field level reps can't even tell you. Many of the brands exist in name only with no distinction in raw materials, grinds, or coatings. The Hertel name essentially means "global product" nowadays and you are no longer assured of a quality German cutting tool.

        More and more of the product is being sourced from India and China.
        I could tell you some stories...


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          I bought a Hertel NT50->ER-40 collet chuck, and was annoyed, when it arrived, that it was marked "Made in India." Holy cow, worse than China...

          But the chuck is extremely well-made, and it blued perfectly.
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