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Air Compressor Oil??

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  • Air Compressor Oil??

    I just changed the Oil for the first time in a 10 Horsepower Champion Air Compressor. Now the stuff that came out was blue in colour?? (synthetic??) BUT I called champion and they basically told me to just use a aircompressor oil in the 30 weight class. Now maybe Im imagining it but the compressor seems to run hotter since the oil change and also I filled it right up 4 litres of oil no leaks? \Would synthetic make it run cooler?? thanx Mike

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    I would have to say yes since they could build into any type of heat dissipating curve into it they would like. I know that IR's units at tractor supply have stickers on them stating that you must use a certain oil, or void the warranty.
    Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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      It could also depend on the compressor type. If it is a reciprocating, I would say probably not, if a rotary screw, I would say yes.
      Jim H.


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        Compressor oil

        The main benefit of synthetic oil in reciprocating compressors is that it does not make carbon which fouls the valves. That is a very big benefit if you are running hard in a hot climate. If the compressor has a oil pump and filter the filter needs to be changed but it is not necessary to change the oil.

        " The most important thing to do is check the oil leved perodically."

        Most small shops once a month is probably adequate. The running oil level that the compressor likes is not allways where the Mfg put the full mark. In most instances over filling is bad. Drain the water when you check the oil.
        Byron Boucher
        Burnet, TX