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Back at it...Mach setup

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  • Back at it...Mach setup

    Hi guys,
    Back from vacation. Started to mess with the mill again.I am stumped as to why the e stop doesnt work. If I set the screen to diagnostics it shows the pin being activated when the switch is pushed so I know that it is seeing it work. If I change the active low setting it will not reset so I suppose that is set ok. Any ideas? Could it be something with the charge pump settings somewhere?
    The switch is set to NC now and I open it when applied.

    Thanks, Jim

    PS the little steppers way plenty of enough power.Scares the jebees out of me.Slowed them to 50 now.Was up 140s! I cant handle things moving that fast. Too old for surprises. : )

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    I may have found it. Be back...............


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      No such luck...

      I cant get the e stop to respond and I cant get the machine to jog off the limits. I have the auto override set but the mill wont move.

      Anyone around NE Ohio? Will pay someone for all there time and expenses to help on this.

      I ran a little code and everything seems to be doing what its suppose to but I have these gremlins that I cant figure out.


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        What break out board are you using?
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          Jim, don't give up. I am working on a small cnc project now and just finished up the wiring. Now I'm trying to get the software set up properly. I learn new stuff each time I mess with it. I did print the two manuals for mach3 and read them both. I learned a lot there. Now I'm going back through and reading the configuring sections now that the hardware is wired up.
          Jonathan P.


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            When it rains it pours!
            I was trying to replace my clock battery on my T 43 IBM laptop. That failed and I spent well over an hour on that task trying to find out how to do it off the web.So now I must have did something to it because I cant reply to this site now with it. I log in and still no button to click on. Dang electrical crap!

            Ok Rant off.

            I did more checking and I may have kinda found part or the cause of my problem with Mach project. I dont have 5 vdc going to any of the limits or e stop. It goes to the BOB but doesnt come out anywhere.


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              Evan. This is it,,,,,,,,


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                I gave you a wiring diagram of the C11G board with limits and e-stop wired including the 5v supply for the switches.

                Over 360 units have been wired up this way and work.

                Why don't you follow that ?


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                  I did everthing you told me to. It is still wired that way. I cant see where I messed up! It looks ok to me anyway. : )

                  There is no power at the terminals. does it matter which terminals on the end that takes the 5vdc inputs? I think I put them in the exact place you had sketched.It has 4 or 5 marked 5vdc on the terminal strip. I will take some pics. I probably did a stupid thing. be back.......


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                    first pic is the 5 vdc end.


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                      Hope pics arent too big.

                      John, the "en" jumper is the orange that is tied to the last terminal on the top. The wire that has the yellow tape around it. I had to solder these because 2 wires wouldnt fit into the strip.

                      The 5vd c wires are the black and blue attached where I believe they were to go. The schematic you sent showed more terminals on the low voltage end.
                      I believe the little jumpers are where they need to be.Lower one above the en terminal is on 2-3 and center is same.

                      This doesnt help I dont think but it shows the dc supply and terminal strip and fuse.
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                        I have marked with an arrow an orange wire at bottom left. What is it connected to? What signal is it carrying?

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                          I also have mach setting for input pins for the charge pump on pin 17 and set active high.


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                            That is the "EN" terminal. It is connected to the pin 10 on the opposite side. It connects to the Estop terminal.


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                              Connect it to the 5v terminal directly beside it.
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