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  • Unusual machinist with an unusual product

    Not sure I'd like to be neighbors, but I think his shop would be a fun visit:

    Two lathes and a mill close at hand. Very close!

    Found this while researching a new project - I'd like to turn a new blow pipe for my chanter so I can play it without the goose.

    And speaking of the goose - not all geese are created equal!

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    Notice what's hanging in the upper left corner of that picture

    Done right I love pipe music,done wrong it sounds like a fight between a Canadian goose and a clothes dryer
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      I've a friend who's a real piper and damn good at it. He works for McNeel here in Seattle - the Rhino Cad folks. We both ride Harleys and hook up at meets here and there. Sometimes he brings along the pipes.

      The first time I saw and heard his pipes was at a meet down in California in the Redwood Country. Here we are, a bunch of bad ass bikers who just took over this little motel and have made the parking lot our outdoor party spot, and Short Ribs steps outta the shadows of late sunset with a bag of screaming cats under his arm. Except he's pretty good, as I said, and in no time the whole group of bad ass bikers, the hotel guests, the owners, and mebbe half the town was dancing and flailing to the sound of those pipes. Lordy if I live to be a hunnert I'll never forget the smiles he fetched.

      So time marched on and he and I and some other friends ride to Ohio for a birthday party for a bud who's landed hard ( and at the campground, out come the pipes. Now I failed to mention earlier that Short Ribs is a big guy. Huge, actually. So once again, outta the shadows there steps this really big guy with a sack of screaming cats under his arm and in no time flat the whole camp ground is sucking up to the biker fire ring. We'd been the outcasts of the campground all during the day, but the pipes gave us campground creds, I think, and in they came. After several well done traditionals he passed the pipes around to the group and from them came the squawks and hoots we all come to fear and loath about the pipes. But lordy it was fun.

      Another time we were at another biker get together near Sacramento, CA, an annual affair, and unknown to all of us, the host requested Short Ribs bring the pipes. We'd lost a good friend and quite a character earlier that year, and the request for the pipes was to honor our fallen brother. There, surrounded by not a dry eye in the circle of bad ass bikers was Short Ribs stepping outta the shadows and playing in full regalia - the kilt, the sporran, the cap, stockings, all of it. It was a grand and evocative moment as the pipes reverberated off the gold country hills of California and a grander standing O was never received. There's something about them that make us smile.

      edit: Here's a photo - that's the piper saluting on the right, Milo in the middle - he's just started a road grader overhaul project, and there's me on the left:

      Some day when you call in for technical support for your Rhino product, ask for Short Ribs - they won't know who you're talking about, of course, but he will.

      Segue time:

      Some time back Evan made a Harley-Davidson bar and shield ring and I traded him a shaper vise and a bunch of shaper parts, which I delivered in person to his shop, for that ring. That ring is now at auction at the Eddie Kieger Charitable Trust Fund auction - I host it. It was at Eddie's birthday party in Ohio that Short Ribs played the pipes that made so many smiles.

      Want a nice ring made by one of our members:
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        Years ago, I worked with a guy who decided he was going to play bagpipes. Of course, he practiced at work Fortunately, he had access to the roof of the building and off to the side was a large field. In short, most people would be out of the blast radius.

        Over the course of 3 or 4 years, it was interesting listening to his sound progress from something akin to a bag of screaming cats to something very listenable.

        The pipes were amazingly loud.


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          The same piper that Dennis is referring to played a few numbers in my back yard. He is good but you still need to warn the neighbors first. A great guy and living proof that you need at least two good hobbies above and beyond your job.


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            And speaking of the goose - not all geese are created equal!

            That wasn't english, was it?

            My stepdad was from Northumbria and we had a piper play at his funeral. After,"Amazing Grace" people just walking down the street had tears in thier eyes.


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              Agony of the Pipes

              I met a piper once, and mentioned that some people thought pipes were irritating. He agreed but blamed poor players for the bad rep. Said he once left his pipes in the back seat and later realized he had not locked the car -- fearing someone had stolen his treasure he raced back and opened the back door only to find two sets of pipes.


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                Originally posted by Ernest Kerr
                Said he once left his pipes in the back seat and later realized he had not locked the car -- fearing someone had stolen his treasure he raced back and opened the back door only to find two sets of pipes.

                Are you saying if left alone they will multiply ?



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                  Agony of the pipes

                  Naw, apparently another poor player gave up. My friend said that pipers walk while playing to get away from the noise.


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                    Um wow, um yea..