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opinions on quick change tool post types

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  • opinions on quick change tool post types

    Please give me your opinion.Do you think the wedge type quick change worth the extra money over the piston type? If so why?


    Jim Koper
    J&R Machining

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    Wedge for sure. More solid and secure, it "indexes" against the tool post and the flats of the tool holder rather than simply jamming the dovetail with a piston. When I used a piston post on a friend's lathe I didn't like having the handle end up in radically different orientation when I tightened it with the holder in different positions on the post.
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    Frank Ford


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      Opinions on QCTH

      I have 2 Dorian SD25AXA Quick change wedge type tool holders. I do not have any experience with the piston type. I also have a 4 sided post that came with the lathe and a lantern type that I purchased. These are all good tools and each has some things that it does better than the others. I simply would not be without the quick change. I have more invested in tool holders than in the post. Dorian is expensive especillay when you get into the Insert holders for turning threading knurling etc. In my opinion they are worth ever penny they cost. The piston type is most likely good enough. This gets discussed a lot in various threads look around here and on the PM site. Read some of them. I am still having newbe problems doing productive searches. Maybe someone will come along and provide a link to some of this.
      Byron Boucher
      Burnet, TX


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        Definitely wedge-style. Very repeatable and rigid. You'll wonder how you got along without it! The piston types are less expensive and there's a reason.

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          I use an aftermaket QC changer on my 13 X 40 lathe. It takes BXA holders which are very easy to find and quite economical when found on sale at various places.

          I don't have any experience with the piston type but I seldom see any of the holders on sale. I'm sure they work OK but they are far less common than the Wedge units. I also notice that the Wedge unit is very solid.


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            For the home shop, there is little advantage to the wedge. It's major advantage is in repeatability, which is probably not as much of a factor in HSM machining as in a production environment. The wedge might be a bit more rigid, but, again for the HSM, you will probably never exceed the piston's holding power.

            I started with a Chicom BXA clone piston and switched to an Aloris wedge when I picked up one at a reasonable cost. I can see no difference except that the wedge is not as forgiving with mixed manufacturer tool holders. If buying new again, I would get the piston and invest the extra $$ in toolholders.
            Jim H.


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              I've owned 2 piston AX (piston) style posts. They were quite adequate to my needs. My only complaint was that on heavy interrupted cuts, or when you get into a heavy chatter situation and trying to find your way out of it, it's not uncommon to have it vibrate loose.

              On my latest lathe, a 17x60 with 7.5hp, I debated on CX or CXA (oddly, at smaller size, AX denotes a piston and AXA denotes a wedge, but at larger sizes dropping the A suffix denotes a larger size progressing from CXA, CA, to DA). Anyway, my intent is for this to be "the last lathe", so I ponied up for a wedge style mainly to put an end to vibrating loose.
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                I have used both and prefer the wedge type because they lock up solid. The piston type doesn't lock up as solid and can move under a hard load.

                Think about it, with the wedge your locking the dovetail up solid. With the piston or plunger type your just pushing the holder out to wedge the dovetail.

                Which do you think would be stronger?
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                  I have used both for many years. The wedge style is the better of the 2 but if your using it for a home shop you will never really notice the difference and can use the difference in money to buy more toolholders. If for industry go for the wedge style and stick with an Aloris.