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Ad-vice 4U - Enco vice FYI

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  • Ad-vice 4U - Enco vice FYI

    I just got off the phone with Enco. I was chasing their 327-5893 which is the big CNC machine vice. After looking at it, it was way bigger than what I had a need for currently. Still looked like a deal at $159. After a little looking and some post reviews here, I thought the 425-7260 (6 x 6) precision vice would be nice. On sale for $110, not a bad deal with free shipping.

    Well - shipping on that item is not free. Seems that they track damage claims (good thing) and when UPS has crunched a sufficient number of item X, they switch to truck freight. So there is a $75 delivery fee on top of the vice cost. The fine print on the coupon says it must be a UPS-able item.

    Apparently the CNC vice is packed better, because even at 75 lbs it can go UPS. But the 66 lb precision vice has to go truck. Go figure

    So I may just go down to the 5 x 4 15/16 - that's pretty good size and better precision than what I have already. I can get that and a vice stop for just over $100.

    PS - I found the latest Enco flyer last night and the "web" prices on the site match the flyer, so nothing real special about the web prices unless you only have their big catalog. I'm sure the "discounts" are like the discounts we gave when I worked the auto parts counter - if someone came in and demanded or carried on about a discount, we showed them the list price on the sheets and then "their" price, which is what they would have paid anyway.
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    Vice advice


    I recently bought a new Kurt D765 vice from Enco. I had purchased a 4" machine vice on a swivel base for about $100.00 some months ago from enco and found that it was unsatisfactory due to a lifting of the work on the movable jaw. I, like many others with limited financial resources, did not want to spend the money that the Kurt cost. I got a flyer from another vendor a few weeks ago that had the D675 for $421.00 with free shipping. I was going to bite off on that deal when I decided to check with Enco. Turns out they offered the same vice for $431.00 plus a 10% discount + free shipping. I got the vise for $388.00 delivered to my door. I ran into the bit about the requirement for shipping by truck instead of UPS but argued with them a little until they agreed to ship by truck for free.

    As I told you in a an earlier post, I have an RF31 Drill Mill. The 6" Kurt is quite large for this mill although it works. The Kurt Vice is far and away better that the clone I had previously purchased. Trust me, a top quality vice is also a capital investment, and will serve you well for many years, even after you have traded up mills.

    PS I have a 4" vice I will sell cheap



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      I was watching a D675 on eBay - item # 160346199144. It's over in 4 hours and is sitting at $261.89 plus $60 shipping. I hesitate to spend that much right now as I don't have THAT big a need for it.

      At the same time, I have not completed the order on Enco - so I may just wait. From reading what I can find about the "import precision milling" vice, it is supposed to have copy-kat Kurt style clamping, forcing the jaw down as it is tightened. If your 4" is the same style, then maybe I should just buy a used one locally LOL for hacking around and get the real deal later on. A Kurt costs more than the compressor I just talked her into buying, so I really need to lay a little low for a while.

      If I did have a good sized mill, I would have at least bought the CNC part from Enco, or chased a Kurt or at least the Griz clone. Griz's 6" looks-like-a-Kurt T10064 is $389 including shipping. Enco has a Parlec for $385 with free shipping and the D675 is $409 w/free shipping.

      Saw your post, sounds like you are up 707 from the Flying J just a bit.
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        Bison is another one that makes a decent import vise at a less than Kurt price...along with Parlec. Most all of Bison's stuff is from Poland and not China.

        In general, the Chinese Kurt clones are one of those things where you get what you pay for. At least one guy here broke one without abuse and castings are rough etc. Some report good results dimensionally while some have had dimensional issues....and that't a deal killer in my opinion. It's not even worth $100 if it's out of square

        The lock-down style vise *is* preferrable, but if you want to buy something now, while buying a Kurt later, often you can find the old Bridgeport vises cheap. They *will* be prone to allowing the work to ride up...and you will learn to seat the work with a dead-blow hammer while snugging it up. Ideal vise? no. More durable than Chinese castings...yup.

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          Parlec is made in USA and has a 10 year warranty. I just bought a 6" Parlec from Enco. I think if you place a large enough order, they will give you free shipping even for truck freight. I figured I'd be charged for truck shipping on the vice, but they didn't charge me a thing. I didn't even call them or email them or anything. Of course, my total was pretty high with that large vice, oil, endmills, woodruff key set, lifting sling, etc.


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            I had emailed Parlec prior to purchasing and they said they were made in Taiwan, at least the Kurt D688 clone that I had purchased, however, well supervised for quality control.



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              Interesting. That wouldn't surprise me, but when I opened it up it had "Made in USA" stamped on it and printed on the manual. This was the vice I bought:


              It's origin wasn't advertised anywhere else, so I assumed that it would be an import but I was surprised to see it said "made in usa" when I opened it up.


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                That's the same unit I purchased, is it stamped on the vise "Made In The USA" ?

                I have had it for several years, could be they no longer import.

                Trade ya


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                  I just doubled check, on the placard riveted to the base it says made in Taiwan.


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                    Well I'm about 6-7 hours away from the vise, so I can't go snap any pictures or investigate further but this is the model I bought:


                    Down at the bottom of the page it has a "made in usa" icon. Not sure what that is worth. Maybe the screw is made in USA or something...

                    Regardless, it seems like a quality vise.

                    p.s. Excuse my poor spelling in earlier posts. "vice" should be "vise"


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                      Originally posted by Fasttrack
                      Regardless, it seems like a quality vise.
                      That they are !

                      Forgot to mention, yours may be made in the USA but I paid a lot less $279

                      CRAP, just looked in the box, I always keep a copy of the original invoice in them, was purchased 04/07, paid $379 not $279.
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                        If you have access to a surface grinder, almost any Kurt Vise can be made "good as new" in a fairly short time. I recently bought a "rough" D675 on eBay, although it was IMO in better shape than implied by the seller. A few hours with a parts washer and then the surface grinder and I have a really nice vise, apart from the paint.